Super Sentai Rangers That Appeared in Akibaranger (In-Suit)

Akibaranger featured Super Sentai characters that appeared in suit.  These are:

Akibaranger Season One Episode Two featured Deka Red.  At the same time, Ryuji Sainei appeared in this episode on his way to dub Power Rangers SPD.

Akibaranger Season 1 Episode 3 featured Bouken Red.  This was during the episode when the Akibarangers got drunk and their delusions ran wild.  This also inspired my idea of trapping the Boukengers in a world where delusions come to life while they are drunk, causing doppelgangers of deceased villains to appear.

Akibaranger Season One Episode 6 had Red Hawk appear at the same time with legendary stuntman Kazuo Niibori.

Season Tsuu Episode One features Jetman, Dekaranger and Boukenger.  Okay Gai Yuki's been dead for 20 years but since this is the world of delusions, he can always appear as a ghost!

Season Tsuu episodes 2-3 featured Ryou and Kou.  The Akibarangers took the place of Dairanger with hiliarious consequences.  Even when the monster was defeated, they couldn't get the world back to normal until the Dairangers remember who they are... and that they are NOT Chinamen!

Season Tsuu Episode Five featured both Geki and Burai.  They became the Powerful Rangers because of Luna's misconception that Powerful Rangers came in first.  The misconception affected reality to the point that the concept of bootleg becomes a reality for Super Sentai, and only by bringing back the Powerful Rangers' versions of Geki and Burai to their senses can reality be set straight.

The Hurricangers appeared in suit in Season Tsuu Episode 7.  The Gouraigers became space ninjas but the result was that, instead of seven days a week, everything happens 10 days a week with otaku activities banned as a result.

In the season finale of Akibanger Season Tsuu we have Naoto Takizawa as Time Fire, Mikoto Nakadai as Abarekiller and short-lived Mika Koizumi as dead rangers.  Somehow I felt that Mika's return was really a tribute to Thuy Trang considering we have Time Fire (and that episode "Circuit Unsure" was in her memory) and well, Abare Killer (Tommy was in Dino Thunder) but it could have been better if it were Burai.


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