Super Sentai Seasons That Replaced the Word "Episode" With Something Else

Super Sentai usually just used the word "episode" to describe an episode.  But the whole trend started to change from Gogo V and it somehow still prevails until today.  I would also insert my own speculative analysis to why they are named as such:

Gingaman started the trend as it named every episode as a Chapter like a chapter in a book.  Apparently they wanted have the feel its a classic epic in a modern day, just my WMG. (Added on October 14, 2014)

Although I haven't seen much of Gogo V but I'd love to speculate why this series called its episodes as missions.  Obviously it's a rescue MISSION... and a mission is a task required to be completed within a fixed time.

Timeranger's episodes were called "Case Files".  The Timerangers were time police protection of four people from the year 3000 arriving to the year 2000 and met Tatsuya in the process.  Each episode involves a renegade alien (NOT MUTANT) running loose, having charges back at the year 3000 and needed to be brought back there.

Gaoranger's episodes were called "Quests".  I was thinking the use of the word "quests" was because they had their quest to fight the Orgs and finding the Gao Animals which serves as a plot device and the series has a mythological nature.

The Hurricangers' episode titles were called as "Scrolls".  It's probably a reference to the ninjas using scrolls.  In the ancient world, people read through scrolls, but not just Japan.  So why call them scrolls?  Then again, isn't this world too enlightened to be reading scrolls?

Abaranger's titles were called "Abare" or rampage for obvious reasons.

Magiranger episodes were called as "Stages".  My speculation on this is because of the magic theme and magicians do stage performances.  At the same time the word stage here may also mean the stages of progress that the Magirangers go through as a family.

Boukenger's episodes were called as "Tasks".  A task is a piece of work assigned for one's duties.  I just wish they called it "Adventure" instead.  Then again, they are tasked to collect a certain Precious and protect it from any of the Negative Syndicates.

Gekiranger's episodes were called as "Lessons".  The reasons is too clear.  Almost every episode in Gekiranger involves a lesson in martial arts for its rangers.  And hehe, this show has TONS of moral lessons too!

Go-onger's episodes were called as "Grand Prix".  The reason is obvious.  After all, the motif is cars like Carranger and Turboranger.  Sosuke IS a racer.  Also I thought the fact that they would remove their helmets while having spandex, is also pretty much a gesture done by race car drivers and not just rangers in Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

Pardon the picture of using a Shinkenger stage show (though I would want to meet Tori the most from the group) but I'd like to think why Shinkenger's episodes are called "Acts" and the Shinkengers here are using their props from the show.  The Act is a division of a drama like Act 1, Act 2 and Shinkenger is a samurai-based one.  The Shinkengers had kurokos who in Japanese stage plays, help with the props and how the Shinkengers make their rather weird final call, can be linked to the word "Act".  Hehe.

Goseiger's episodes were called as "Epics".  An epic is usually of fantasy setting.  Now I don't like Goseiger but calling its episodes as "Epics" imo fits with the fact that the Goseigers are Gosei Angels (no not heavenly beings) who must fight against the three villain factions, then they must take down Brajira of the Messiah towards the end.

Gobusters calls its episodes as "Mission" like it was in GogoV.  I think the reasons are more self-explanatory but I'd love to hear opinion and facts on htis matter.

Okay as much as I don't want to do this but here's Kyoryger.  It's episodes are called as "Braves".  There is such a thing as Brave dancing, and they are into Samba.  So can anybody share their opinion on this matter?

Toqger calls its episodes as "Stations".  Well very appropriate considering this- the motif are trains and they stop by a station per episode.  Makes a whole lot of sense for a series I'm not that fond of but will respect for fans' sake.


  1. When thinkibg about Shinkenger and their episodes being labeled "Acts", it dawned on me that maybe it was a foreshadowing to Takeru being the "Acting" Shiba Head? What you think Sean

    1. Most possibly. Yasuko Kobayashi like Toshiki Inoue loves to foreshadow stuff that will happen. IMO I believe the labeling of the episodes as "Acts" is that it foreshadows Takeru being the "acting" Shiba head as agreed by the clan years ago... and the secret wasn't allowed to leak out as to deceive the Gedoushu.

      Typical "To deceive your enemies, you must deceive your friends first."

    2. Exactly my thoughts!! Smart move by Kobayashi

  2. Actually gingaman started the trend with the episodes called "Chapters".


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