Super Sentai Villain Groups That Planned To Turn Humans Into Enemy Footsoldiers!

One of the most effective but frequently foiled plots in Super Sentai is when villains decide to turn humans into their new set of foot soldiers.  Here are the following groups that tried to do so:

The Jashinka tried to turn humans into their lizard footsoldiers as part of conquering the surface world.

The Tube wanted to turn people into Ungler Soldiers in Maskman episode 13.  The way Fumin got this plan carried out disguising as an idol plus the nightmare fuel makes it a very entertaining episode.  I thought it was a very effective plan though they could have contaminated the water supply instead.

In Go-onger episode 9, the Gaiarc sought to turn humans into Banki soldiers for Gaiarc.  This was understandable that it happened in Junk World.  I do find this kind of ridiculous where the Gaiarc got their technology to turn humans into Ugatz.

In Goseiger episode five, the Warstar attempted to turn people into Bibis and students were also involved.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. You forgot Abaranger, episode 41, where the Evolians send a monster disguised as Santa Claus, who offers gifts transforming their recipients into Barmia Soldiers.


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