Tranza's Downfall: Why Bullying Your Bully Doesn't Work!

"Well Radiguet, you bullied me as a kid, now I am getting EVEN WITH YOU!!!!!"

In Jetman, one of the most severe lessons ever learned is about bullying the bully which Tranza learned the hard way.  So as Tran, he was the youngest (physically) of the Vyram so he was frequently bullied by the others.  Craving recognition, Tran one day used all his energies to grow up into becoming... Tranza!  And he bullied those who bullied him into submission, vowing to make their lives a living Hell one way or another.

But what Tranza wasn't aware of that, was that, Radiguet always had a springboard sooner or later.  Tranza took revenge not only on the Jetmen but the Vyram as well, swearing he would make everyone who made him miserable pay.  And that person he wanted to pay the most was Radiguet.  Radiguet had bullied Tran for some time, as Tranza he could get his revenge or is it?  Well not exactly, Radiguet like every other greater bully has the ability to backfire.  After the defeat of Veronica, Radiguet in a rare moment of mental stability, planned to get rid of Tranza once and for all.

"Now I'm proving myself better than all of you!  And I will have my revenge on the Jetmen too!"

For Tranza, everything he thought was payback and trying to keep his "cool status".  To show off, he used his "Bio Gun" to turn the Jetmen into trophies.  What he did not realize was that Radiguet was already out there, plotting his downfall.  So Radiguet did arrange the fall of Tranza by double-crossing Red Hawk.  Red Hawk manages to get rid of Tranza's remote, which releases the others and the Jetmen use the Fire Bazooka on Tranza.  Tranza seems dead or is it?

Unfortunately for Tranza, the bully Radiguet bullies him back AGAIN!

Not exactly... Tranza found himself a miserable victim of his own plot.  His own quest for revenge backfired and of course, the bully that made his life miserable came back for him.  This time, Radiguet decided to torture him some more.  Radiguet poked his sword into Tranza's organic hand, tortured him and asked him to declare his name.  After being beaten down, Radiguet leaves Tranza to be in his state, perhaps remaining among humans since the Manga isn't canon.

"Only if I didn't do it!  Only if I didn't seek revenge...!  And I end up becoming like the bully!"

Later it was revealed Tranza was brought to a neurological center, where he probably asks, "Was it worth it to get even with the bully?"  To be honest, there's the statement that Confucius once said, "Before you go on a quest for revenge, dig two graves!"


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