Villain Monster Enlargement Methods in Super Sentai

Super Sentai has monster enlargement methods which started in Denziman.  The shows that DID NOT have a monster enlarging method where Battle Fever J (since a giant version of the monster was sent in instead) the same process was repeated in Gobusters, Bioman lacked human-sized monsters and Gear launched Mecha Giants instead after the Beastnoids were defeated, Dekaranger's Alienizers would pilot a mecha monster and the monsters in Goggle V would pilot giant replicas of themselves called Kongs starting with Mantis Mozoo.  Now for the known methods:


Denziman's monsters were self-enlarged when defeated.  Others that followed were monsters from Sun Vulcan, Dynaman, Jetman, Kakuranger, Gogo V, Timeranger (when the depression seal is removed from the Alien), Gekiranger, Go-onger, Shinkenger and ToQGer.

Call the monster to make my monster grow:

Hirohisa Soda's era introduced the monster-enlarging creature summoned when the monster is defeated.  Changeman had Gyodai who later was rescued from his life of slavery with the Gozma. Flashman had Kuragen who shrank when the monsters were enlarged.  Maskman had Okerampa who was summoned from the underground.  In Megaranger, Bibibedi bit the Nejire Beasts causing them to enlarge.

Enemy characters assigned to enlarge monsters:

Gash from Liveman enlarged monsters with his Giga Phantom.  Acha and Kocha from Ohranger were in charge of enlarging Bara Beasts- Acha throws Kocha who then uses his energy to enlarge the Bara Beasts.  In Gogo V, Spellmaster Pierre used tarot cards to enlarge monsters.

In Turboranger, the generals all enlarged their monsters.  Rehda used his flute.  Zimba summoned his tornado to enlarge monsters.  Jarmin fired her serpent flame into the sky which enlarges the monster. Zulten uses his trumpet.  Yamimaru used his pet spider and Kirika also used an energy beam to enlarge monsters.  In Boukenger we have Gekkou using his powers to enlarge monsters, Ryuon used his harpoon gun to accomplish the task and Gaja used his chants.  The Questers had no human-sized monsters, only their own personal robots.  In Goseiger, Buredoran sends his bats and Makuin uses magic to enlarge monsters.

Wendinu and Tsuetsue were assigned to enlarge monsters in Hurricanger.  Tsuetsue used Org seeds to accomplish the task in Gaoranger.  Zoffa used music to enlarge monsters in Abaranger.

Most unusual methods:

In Fiveman, the Zone launched the Gorlin cyborgs to enlarge the defeated monster.

Bandora throws her Dora Scepter from the moon to the Earth (How's that even possible?!) summoning evil spirits to enlarge them.

In Dairanger, the Gorma monsters would enlarge themselves using the Gorma orbs they carried with them.  At times, the Gorma general would throw it at them

In Carranger (the screen shot above is NOT from the series), the Bowzock monsters ate imo yokan which was bought at Imocho.  What's funny is that Imocho doesn't suspect a thing whenever Grotch buys a lot of Imo Yokan from the store and that he's actually supplying the enemy.

The Balban monsters drank a special potion that would enlarge them, but would also cut their lives in half as a result.

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  1. Great article as always. Just to help with a correction; in Go Go V, Spellmaster Pierre uses his special chants and tarot cards to enlarge the Saima beasts when defeated. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks for the correction. I haven't seen GogoV to be honest.

  2. Haha! I think Okerampa is the best monster enlarger. Gorlin in Fiveman was hilarious at times there's an episode that it stumbled and failed to enlarge a monster, its also ironic that it needs to enlarge a monster while it can fight by itself, the black Gorlin is formidable foe by the way. I think Bioman is the only super sentai that has their monsters preferred as giants already right? Great article!

    1. The normal Gorlins can just be defeated easily compared to the Black Gorlin.

  3. You forgot Timeranger's enlargement method.


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