Why I Can't Say I've Abandoned Tokusatsu as a Whole

Well I remembered the time I watched Tokusatsu as a child and well, bad dubs (UGH, I now pretend I never saw them to avoid my head from splitting) of Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman, Jetman, Shaider, Gavan, Jiban and Janperson.  Years later, I never dreamed of watching fan subs.  As I would say I can be pretty unfriendly to change.  Having watched Bioman first, I didn't immediately embrace Maskman having a secondary robo (and years later, I would know of Flashman's existence).  Later on, I started to think that Super Sentai was having too much mecha, it should have ended in Timeranger but later, I started to rewatch them all over after reading a few episode synopsis' from Jillun's Sentai Hub.

Then I started having issues with Tokusatsu.  I started reading of how Kamen Rider was "dead" starting with Kuuga (but I'm glad I decided to rewatch Kamen Rider after some time), I started to find some of the clips unimpressive, read how Super Sentai's tones have mellowed down... and I was pretty much the action enthusiast.  I mean, even when I started watching Dairanger raw on Youtube before, I would admit that after watching most Sentai, I felt the action was lacking.  I even started to complain about multi-gattai and everything.  So I thought I need a break but ended up watching any PR season aired after a short while.

One of the reasons why I started to "abandon" Tokusatsu was not only because of age but because of the entrance of F4.  Meteor Garden started airing (but badly dubbed) and at first, I thought F4 was Japanese until I saw their music video of "Can't Lose You".  I just wanted to reconnect with my Chinese roots.  So I wondered why they even copied the Anime hairstyle to start with?!  I learned Meteor Garden was a localization of Hana Yori Dango.

Well 5566 also came and my favorite series of theirs was Westside Story.  I would admit I watched Twin Sisters, Dolphin Bay, Lavender, Orange Country, and Chinese Ghost Story (my first Wuxia series).  Westside Story for me was an Anime-like Chinese drama and I soon developed more interest in live adaptations and localization of Anime than Anime itself.  Like, I developed the habit of not watching Anime unless it was adapted first.  Sounds like a Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan who may choose not to watch Sentai without a PR version.  During this time, I remembered having that crush on Tammy Chen, Penny Lin and Barbie Xu.  So I decided to go neutral on Tokusatsu during that moment because... I really thought Tokusatsu was past its prime.

Although I'll admit I'm again caught red-handed.  For a time, when I heard of people talking about Power Rangers, I referred them to sites that talked about Super Sentai telling them of how the two came to be.  Fortunately I got over my Sentard state and I'm glad they weren't Powtards.  In a away, open minded Power Rangers fans (save for one who chooses the season with a hotter girl)... I began to surf again and started to discover some newer hot girls.  Okay I did still have my hots on Kimberly the most but... Nanami, Ranru and Jasmine sort of gave me a stupid reason to come back to watching Super Sentai... which took me some time before I eventually watched Heisei era Kamen Rider.

Beyond the pretty girls, I thought some Super Sentai seasons were still fun to watch.  For example, I started to watch Dekaranger online but raw.  Maybe it was only because I wanted to "educate" Power Rangers fans on Super Sentai.  Even if I was already liking Chinese entertainment more, I just couldn't get rid of Japanese entertainment off my head.  After all, Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider (though I only saw Black and Black RX) couldn't become old shames for me.  Deep within, I figured out I still had a soft spot for Tokusatsu in spite of all the things I initially disliked.  Even if I may have gone neutral with Ultraman or the Choshinsei series from Toho... but I cannot deny that I still had still have a soft spot for some Tokusatsu genres or series after all.


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