A Comparison of Timeranger with Dekaranger

Both Dekaranger and Timeranger are cop-based series but executed quite differently.  While Timeranger is well, time-focused... Dekaranger is more of an everyday task of capturing Alienizers.  Timeranger was the first police-themed series and four years later, Dekaranger became another police-themed series.  Both series dealt with alien criminals who broke the law.  Now it's time to see their differences:

Both Timeranger and Dekaranger were police-themed rangers.  But here are the differences in how they went:

In Timeranger, it's four heroes from the year 3,000 and meet a guy from the year 2,000 to complete their Sentai team.  Yuuri is the acting leader which is understandable because Tatsuya isn't a police officer like the rest of them.  After Timeranger ended, the other four were sent back to the future and Tatsuya stays in the present.

In Dekaranger, it's all guys from the present.  The were special police who were in charge of capturng Alienizers at a DAILY RATE like cops would.  Notice some episodes of Dekaranger were not exactly Abrella-linked all the time.  They carried special badges which they used to judge the Alienizers whether or not such a foe was due for deletion.  After the series ended, the Dekarangers continued on with the jobs with Ban promoted into the Fire Squad.  The Dekarangers may soon get a new batch when the current line up will be promoted to higher ranks like I think they may replace the higher-ups like Doggie and Horus.  I can even imagine Ban replacing Sgt. Bunta and Hoji replacing Doggie Kruger.

Timeranger's criminals and Dekaranger's criminals were obviously not human (Lila is probably an alien).  But there are differences you can take note of:

Dolnero is an alien criminal from an unknown planet who was money hungry who led the Londerz Gang, freed one alien criminal after the other against the city in the year 2000.  His motives were to accumulate wealth but he cared about his subordinates except for the aliens he released.  He also didn't condone to Gien's destruction either.

On the other hand, you might consider Abrella to be quite different.  Abrella was Dekaranger's ONLY main villain and he worked more as a salesman than the leader of an entire organization.   He was also far more cruel, ruthless, enjoys much destruction and doesn't really care as long as he gets money.  He's portrayed to be more ruthless than Don Dolnero imo.

In Timeranger, apparently death penalty was replaced by freeze compression depending on the severity of offense. Dolnero was sentenced to freeze compression for 1,000 years.  The Timerangers didn't kill any of the criminals but instead, they froze-compress them and later, they were sent back to the future.  Killing the alien criminal could have effects on the future as well.... which was evident that Dolnero's death caused Yuuri's family to live again.  Here, whenever the Depression Seal came off, the aliens were enlarged automatically as a result.

In Dekaranger, the aliens were the clients of Abrella rather than his minions.  They paid Abrella money for his services.  Sometimes an Alienizer had nothing to do with Abrella, but only did what they did as a regular criminal in a cop show.  Only a few of them ever got enlarged.  Most of them would choose to pilot a robot that Abrella would sell to them for a certain fee.  They were also subjected to Judgment Time whether or not they were really due for deletion.


  1. The two series did have the law enforcement theme Timeranger needed it to spice the the show up.

    The two especially Dekaranger had that Men in Black feel.

    I felt that the villains in both series are weak. The Londerz Family just had motivation in greed via burglary and hold ups. The Alienizers only has one villain with Abrella. He isn't as charismatic or powerful alone to hold against our heroes as Vengeance in Dungeons and Dragons.

    I could have like the two series even more if the villains was as threatening as some series in the past.


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