Ako Hayasaka And Kotoha Hanaori As Fighting School Girls

I used to compare Natsuki Mamiya who Ako Hayasaka. What is often ignored by me (or others) that time are the following. Ako is capable of fighting, Natsuki is not. Ako isn't stupid, Natsuki is stupid. Although Ako and Kotoha have their differences but I thought these two had some similarities aside from being cute girls who can actually fight:

Ako is a bright and cheery girl in Chojin Sentai Jetman. Ako herself had her powerhouse moments at the same time, able to think herself out of any situation. She has led the attack against Noodle Jigen, she has beat Sound Jigen jilly, single-handedly fought Maria after seeing Trash Jigen die before her eyes (Maria HAD it coming) and she has also beaten Toxic Rat, in spite of being temporarily blinded by toxic gas finding a way out of it. One may also think, she secretly "stole" one communicator during the Neo-Jetman Arc, which proves she's really a witty girl. Now Natsuki NEVER did anything like that in Boukenger of that nor would Ako recklessly pilot mecha, so I really would say I was wrong to compare Natsuki with Ako. She thinks and she can get really tough when need be though she's more known for her wits than her brawn.

Now to compare her to Kotoha. Like Ako, Kotoha is a bright and cheery high school student who's at least 18 or so. So what's her similarities with Ako? Both her and Ako experienced their souls being stolen away from their bodies which could have killed them if the day wasn't saved. She was only in her late teens when she became a ranger, in Kotoha's case because her older sister was too ill while Ako got struck by a blue bolt of lightning. Kotoha looks up to Mako just like Ako looks up to Kaori. She has managed to handle Zuboshimeshi proving she is immune to insults which was a brain power episode, Uradawachi (which she uses her wits to beat out the monster possessing her suitor's body), she did help Chiaki in beating Abekonbe's body swapping tactic, countered Sogizarai's spin attack and beat up Sunasusuri. Well that's something to think about making her another version of Ako (in yellow instead of blue), both who are teenagers yet have managed to handle tough situations, maturing faster than you expect, both using a balance of brains and brawn to win over the situation. However Kotoha is more mature than Ako.


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