Jetman Episodes Foreshadowing the Wedding of Ryu and Kaori

One of Toshiki Inoue's writing styles seldom involved foreshadowing what he wants to happen.  If he foreshadowed Gai Yuki's death, he also foreshadowed the wedding of Ryu and Kaori.  So how did that happen?  Jetman had a couple of episodes that shipped Ryu and Kaori into becoming an actual couple.

Episode 4 "The Fighting Bride" had the instance that Ryu was scolding Kaori for her lack of interest in learning how to use the Jet Birds.  In that episode, Kaori was trying to ignore Ryu one way or another.  After a supposed heated conversation, Gai Yuki teases them about being a couple, before he actually falls for Kaori.

Episode 7 "Ryu's Marriage?" has another but done quite teasingly, Inoue humor style.  In this episode, Ryu is destined to be married.  However to pull him out of his arranged marriage, Kaori and Raita draft a rather hilarious script.  Kaori says, "You agreed to marry me."

Episode 12 "The Bus to Hell"has Kaori imagining herself as a couple with Ryu.

Episodes 13-14 namely "Maze of Love" and "Love's Deadly Bazooka" has some of Ryu and Kaori teases again. Raita though he also likes Kaori, thinks Kaori should be with Ryu.

Episode 22 "Exploding Love" sort of again, foreshadows that Ryu and Kaori will be together.  Kaori imagines Ryu and her as a couple.

Episode 43 "Sneak into the Commander's Body" has Ako telling Kaori that the latter and Ryu are a better couple.  In that episode, Gai Yuki broke up with Kaori because they belonged to two different worlds.

Episode 49 "Maria Her Love and Death" has Gai Yuki telling Kaori to take care of Ryu.  If it's not a foreshadow, I wonder what is.

Episode 50 "Respective Battles to the Death" has Kaori and Ryu in that wooden shed (it appeared in Shinkenger Act 38 years later).  It felt really wrong though why Kaori would really embrace Ryu there.  Inoue's weird if you ask me.

In due respect though, these foreshadows are MUCH BETTER than to that of Nago and Megumi in Kamen Rider Kiva.


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