Some Problems I Had with Shinkenger

While Shinkenger is a great series, but never that great for me,  Yes, Shinkenger is popular.  I might write a post on its popularity.  It's a series with great character development for its protagonists, a samurai theme, some lighthearted humor balanced with seriousness without derailing either which side... but the show itself has its own fair share of problems.

The mecha has its own fair share of problems.  Now maybe I can't really comment too much on design but I may start to think of how auxiliary mecha were included.  Now Daitenkuu did have some use because it was used to attack a flying Gedoushu, the design is horrible when it combined with Shinkenoh but that's not a real issue.  My issue had to be with the introduction of Daigoyou and Mougyudaioh.  Daigoyou's introduction felt like... heck Genta should have just resigned half-way then return half-way after Jii cures his phobia.  Another is Mougyudaioh which I felt compared to Galaxy Robo from Maskman and Red Puncher from Ohranger, the robot was just added for the sake of toys.  And I should mention Shinkenhaoh is one ugly combination which I felt was just added to make Mougyudaioh feel more relevant.

The villains.  Okay I don't have much of a problem if Doukoku is seldom played for laughs (he does have his scary side) provided that, the show doesn't intend to be as serious as Gekiranger or old school Sentai.  My problem is with this... the reason why monsters retreat in Shinkenger is because they dry up.  While in most Sentai, monsters run away when things fall out of favor some other way (ex. the monster is wounded or they have their job to do), here the Nanashi retreat BECAUSE they are drying up.  Seriously, while it can be funny but... it can also make you go WTF on it.

The way Kaoru is carried out.  Kaoru is a nice girl, no questions asked.  I really felt like while she was an interesting element here are my issues with her execution.  My first issue is I wanted her to call Takeru back to assist her, she leads a seven-man team in the final battle and all.  Two, if she was meant to be injured after the Sealing Symbol fails, she could have just made Takeru lead the final battle for her without adopting him... I mean she could just say, "As Princess, Takeru will now lead you in my place to accomplish what I failed to do.  Good lucky my shadow warrior."  Then of course, let her stay as the true head of the Shiba House.  I would have wanted it if Takeru also left the Shiba Mansion (his mission as the shadow warrior is now fulfilled) with the others then Kaoru expressing how they all have fulfilled what she failed to do and that she is proud of their accomplishments.


  1. I completely agree with you about how the show handled the Kaoru character. To find out that Takeru was just a shadow warrior, was a great twist, but then Kaoru eneters and her training as the true Shiba Head, to only find out that the seal is ineffective.To make matters worse, they also write that the team can only truly fight with Takeru, SO OVERLY DRAMATIC!!!! What should've happened I believe is Takeru never leaves the team and Genta, in a grand gesture of friendship to Takeru, instead gives him is Sushi Changer, and becomes Shinken Gold.

    1. Yasuko Kobayashi apparently has weaker finale arcs... like Inoue does. ANd you know, I still prefer Genta is there adn Takeru fights as the shadow and Kaoru as the head... to increase the power.


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