Some Unpopular Opinions I Have in Super Sentai Fandom

Criticism isn't purely fact, while it does hold facts like what's good and what's bad about anything, you cannot deny that it also shares the critic's viewpoint.  Sometimes viewpoints will just crash.  Constructive criticism tells me or you what to do and how to do it.  Opinion stems from facts like if I say Inoue's ending for Jetman was bad, I point out the fact Gai Yuki's death was just too sudden and that the Jetmen didn't notice he was dying.  Some may think it was a good ending still pointing out, "Hey that can happen."

I'd share some of my unpopular opinions:

I don't think Zyuranger is a weaker season in Super Sentai and I think it's a good season.  Okay some may say Zyuranger is a weak season, true it is NOT as great as Dairanger.  Now I'll say first, I'm VERY biased on this one because MMPR I believe should have ended at 40 episodes.  Zyuranger is better than MMPR in terms of characterization, humor and plot.  Now that's not enough isn't it?  Now to defend myself.  I think Zyuranger's concept is very, very interesting and that the kid of the week is not merely just a kid for the week, I could relate to them in a way.  Also, the series explains towards the finale why Bandora launches her convoluted but deadly plans against kids.

I think Juuken Sentai Gekiranger was the best Sentai last decade.  Sure I did enjoy Gaoranger, Dekaranger, Boukenger (now I'm just liking it less) and Shinkenger but Gekiranger?  I really, REALLY freaking love it (read here)!  So I heard from Fantasy Leader that it wasn't really popular to the intended target market but to older fans (read here).  To be honest, I still think it's the best Sentai season last decade (2000-2010).

I do like Go-onger and it wasn't a popular season.  In my opinion, Go-onger is not a terrible season compared to Go-busters.  It may be silly, stupid but it's entertaining.  On the other hand, it's still somewhat problematic for me so it NEVER enters my list of awesome.  Me and Mr. Smith both like Go-onger.  On the other hand, Fantasy Leader thinks this series is a real mess (read here) and my other unpopular opinions is that I do like Black RX and OOO, two seasons he doesn't like.

I personally think Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is among te seasons gets too much credit and it's not THAT awesome!  Make no mistake, I do love Samurai Sentai Shinkenger but I tend not to think it's all that great from the list of Sentai I've finished.

What I believe could be my unpopular opinions though I'm not sure if they are:

Most Super Sentai seasons usually fail to tell us why the villains are acting like they are.  For example, I think Jetman and Dairanger owe fans big time to why they never told us these S.O.B.s Radiguet and Shadam are monstrously cruel individuals.  Okay they are my favorite villains considering how these two are not easy to take down and their deaths make the finale all so worthy to see the bastards get what they deserve.  On the other hand, some villains may not require a backstory at all if they were malevolent supernatural beings like Long in Gekiranger or Grandienne in GogoV (she is Minus Energy).

Dairanger owes us an explanation about the Clay Gorma.  Dairanger is an awesome series but I felt like the whole series had that for a weakness.  I mean, if Gorma XV, Shadam and Gara were clay how in the world do they have memories of the past?!  I wish the clay Gara was canonically born out of the real Gara's hatred or two, Shadam and Gorma XV having memories of their past even if they were made of clay, is a very muddy plot.

This list will be updated soon!


  1. Totally agree with you about a few things and disagree on 1 thing.
    First when it comes to Zyuranger, I believe it was good, then got better when Burai appeared, but it is the first Sentai adapted into MMPR, so it does seem to hold some special kind of reverance for that, but for some to see it as weak is alittle extreme
    Secondly, Shinkenger was a good season, but as you stated, it seems to be getting so great of a high praise. For me, it was ok, but I don't like samurai as much as others, so I didn't get into the story as much as others, I will say that, it did have great main villains like Dokkoku, Dayu, and Juzo. My favorite episodes are when Juzo gets his sword, Uramasa, and it becomes apparent that he is a true Gedo and when Dokkoku came to the human world, fixed Dayu's Shamisen, after annihilating the Shikengers. Other than that, that season isn't that great in my eyes.

    Now unto the real thing I want to talk about, Gekiranger being the best Sentai during 00's, in your opinion. I mean this show first off, was really great and I mean REALLY GREAT!!! I must also say, the way the show included martial arts legends as the Seven Kensei, were pure genius and of course Bruce Lee or "Brusa Ee" being the greatest was just unthinkable. Whats funny is I'm writing this, trying to lead this into why it isn't the greatest of the 00's, really thinking about it could be true!! I just have a personal place in my heart for Mirai Sentai Timeranger, cause its US adaptation is my true, only favorite of PR series, so I'm impartial to Timeranger. I may have o go and watch Gekiranger again, to see truly gather my thoughts, cause its like 3rd behind Timeranger, and Gokaiger, which is 1st.

    P.S. Go-onger just was ridiculous and too silly for me to watch. I did enjoy the Go-on Wings, but they're the bright spot, in an otherwise silly sentai.

    1. Hi Daired 1987!

      For one, thanks for agreeing with me about Gekiranger. I really do love the series.

      For Go-onger, I do love it for being silly and ridiculous. I am a fan of blatant humor.


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