Super Sentai Rangers Who Tried to Fight Their Destiny

After watching Timeranger (in Spanish) and reading the synopsis from Jillun's site, I'll be writing this entry of Super Sentai rangers who tried to fight with destiny:

Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four I (deceased)- She tried to run away in episodes 1-2 but it didn't matter anyway, since she wasn't going to last long.  Yuki Yajima screwed up big time by not having a professional way of leaving the set.  She could have at least prepared for her departure.

Gai Yuki/Black Condor (deceased)- During the time Ryu tried to recruit him, Gai Yuki could not accept that he was destined to be a Jetman.  He thought it was best just let the world collapse until he realized he was needed during the earlier episodes.  At one point, he and Kaori even left the team until they realized the importance of their mission.

Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo/White Swan- She tries to fight destiny more than once.  During the earlier stages, she tries to fight her role as the only heiress of her parents' immense wealth.  Later during the time the Jetmen were trained with the Jet Birds, she tried to avoid it because she initially didn't like mecha.  To fight her destiny as the sole heiress, she chooses to become a Jetman.

Ryou/Ryuuranger- He was hesitant to accept his destiny during the first episode.  First red ranger not to easily accept his destiny.

Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer- He originally didn't want to be a Carranger because he wanted to drive his boss' classic car.

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red- He tries to fight against his destiny to follow his father's footsteps.  Like father, like son.  His father tried to run away from the Asami destiny.  Also when Ryuya arrives into the year 2000, he is told that his father will die and that... he will take over.  Actually his father survives, Ryuya dies (quite differently, only changing the way he died) and he is allowed to live his own life, until he is ready to join the Asami Group.

Ayase/Time Blue- Throughout the series, he has to fight against the Osiris Syndrome.  However due to timeline changes, his destiny shifts as a cure for the Osiris Syndrome was found.

Chiaki Tani/Shinken Green- He didn't originally like his role as a vassal or samurai in the modern age.  He did accept it though.


  1. What a lot of people tend to forget is that Akira Momoi (Denzi Pink) initially left the team after the first episode, but came back in the second because she wanted to focus more on her tennis career...even though her coach was killed when the Vader Clan first attacked.

  2. Where did you watch timeranger in Spanish? Loool


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