Super Sentai Series Finale Plots That Got Carried Over into Crossover Movies

Super Sentai finales usually conclude a show as it should.  However some finales got carried over for the non-canon crossover movie.  Sometimes some non-canon films try to make themselves look canon, while the writer says, "It's not canon."  It can be like what if two series of two different continuities meet because the two are pretty similar and reconcilable to become one timeline, while the producers and writers will openly admit it's not canon to either which.

Boukenger's finale got carried over in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.  The movie's plot had it where Satoru and Sakura met Pachachamac XIII on the moon while they were hunting for space Precious.  Both Satoru and Sakura became brainwashed and crazy for awhile but were later returned back to their senses.  The Boukengers did acknowledge that Satoru and Sakura left for space at the beginning.

Go-onger vs. Gekiranger carried over the plots from Gekiranger's finale.  These are Long has become a ball and is captured by Gaiarc, the deaths of Rio and Mele are carried over apparently changing nothing from the Gekiranger finale.

In Shinkenger vs. Go-onger (one of my favorite crossovers), we see the beginning of the Go-ongers fighting Batcheed who is a remnant of Gaiarc's higher ups.  In the Go-onger finale, we see the fact after Sosuke is back to square one in the Grand Prix because of his PROLONGED absence, Bomper mentions that Gunman World is under the attack of a mysterious figure, later non-canonically revealed as Batcheed.  Later a different version of him called Babatcheed was shown in Gokaiger during the Go-onger arc.

The Shinkenger finale did make its way through to the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger movie.  The Shinkengers were basically disbanded, Takeru Shiba was now in a way, the 19th head, Kaoru is still his "mom" (LMAO) and the Shinkengers had to be regathered.  Also, the plot where Shitari lives after the Rokumon Junk sank... was carried over.  Also one plot in here was later ported into Gokaiger when the the Gokaigers traveled back in time to save a shrine, so they can later get the Greater Power of the Kakurangers.


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