Super Sentai Speculation: Are The Boukengers A Group Of Drunkards?!

After seeing the Akibaranger episode where Bouken Red appeared to the Akibarangers, at the same time, you see they were DEAD DRUNK, I decided to write an episode in my rather M-Rated Sentai/Nickelodeon crossover (for adults who watched Tokusatsu/Nickelodeon as kids) where the Boukengers got REALLY DRUNK (it should have ended though with Satoru and Sakura dating in a liquor shop than the Groovie Smoothie where Carly, Sam and Freddie hang out a lot).  In that episode, the Boukengers drank some liquor (by accident) and were trapped in a dimension where their delusions started to become real.  Now I was thinking while doing some Boukenger rewatching, it looks like the Boukengers are alcoholics even if you don't see them drinking liquor.

This Akibaranger episode inspired me to write this entry and I haven't EVEN thought of it before!

Now for a few things WORTH noticing that might prove that the Boukengers are a group of drunkards.  This is just me thinking they are a group of drunkards:

First I would like to point out what I failed to notice in Satoru/Bouken Red.  Episode one shows him signs that he's not a sober individual.  For example, he just RECKLESSLY drives in and scoops both Bouken Black and Bouken Yellow IGNORING their welfare.  I was even thinking about it- NO SOBER RED RANGER WOULD EVER THREATEN TO DROP ANYONE OFF INTO THE LAVA PIT!  To be honest, I was thinking he was probably high on alcohol when that happened since there are moments he isn't reckless!  And most of the time, he is so reckless and the way he moves, is so reckless it might prove he is a drunkard!

Masumi Inou/Bouken Black is hyper impulsive, reckless and highly irrational.  While I'm not a heavy drinker, I do easily get drunkand there was a time of the year I was attending one social gathering after the other and alcohol DOES fuel my rage energy.  I do avoid heavy liquor but my SS vs. PR fic got so bad was because of this, aside from pretending to be a know-it-all (sorry, sorry) I didn't realize that drinking liquor (ex. rice wine and red wine), I drank them down too fast to the point my mind ain't sober.  Now I'm not a habitual drunkard but it takes me a long time to recover.  Now what does that got to do with Masumi?  To be honest, I even think he drinks more liquor than Gai Yuki.  Gai Yuki wasn't all that reckless nor was he a drunk.  But Masumi?  Well, a lot of times it seems he displays the attributes of a drunk gangster!  Plus remember Masumi spent time with a gangster, it's highly possible he is a drunkard!  And best "drunk" moment?  To use the Drill Crusher out of suit during the finale arc!

Souta Mogami/Bouken Blue might be the least alcoholic of the group or not.  Then again, sometimes some of his facial expressions can make me think, "Is this guy high or what?!"  And the fact he's the high adventurer makes me think, "Maybe he really enjoys heights because he's drunk!"  And I was even thinking what if he's the one who buys all the fine wine for the group at the end of the Task?!

Another one worth noticing is Natsuki.  I even think during the time she was recruited after that hibernation period, she must have spent lots of time drinking alcohol and getting drunk.  Why is that?  She's a complete klutz.  Now I just thought of ThatChick's statement that Natsuki should have undergone rehabilitation before joining the Boukengers, maybe she did but something may have contributed to her crazy habits.  Now that's a valid statement though I would also like to think that the Boukengers must have introduced liquor to her, she loved the taste of liquor so much she drank a lot of it destroying her senses permanently!  Besides, being a drunkard can turn anyone into a klutz.  I even want to think that Natsuki's behavior got even worse because she drinks the most liquor in the group.  Most of her actions are very impulsive and the way she piloted the mecha is tantamount to drunk driving!  Theoretically, she could be the heaviest drinker of the group!

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink maybe she's also a drunkard.  What's my theory behind her being a drunk?  Now I was thinking behind her Mary Sue character, I remembered Boukenger episode where she criticized the rest for reckless behavior.  But what does she do next?  She's shown actions of what could be her being drunk.  She brings her equipment back when she was at the army, she even gives Natsuki a rifle (WTF) and then she attacks like crazy!  My theory is that she must have drunk a WHOLE BOTTLE OF LIQUOR before going into that crazy scene!!!!!

Now even I think my favorite Boukenger, Eiji Takaoka is a drunkard.  While he might be a health freak because of him snacking over raw vegetables or fruit but there seems to be moments that he is drunk.  One moment I even thought he was drunk is any moment that he recklessly fights the Ashu so recklessly.  Again, one may always say that he did it so because of the personal grudge.  Now I even think that maybe he has a problem with his Ashu heritage because...he's drunk.

Now this is entirely speculative and I might just be hallucinating.  Just feel free to object why you don't think they are drunkards or support the idea that they are drunkards!  Meanwhile, try reading this Rant by ThatChick on her opinion about the Boukengers.  Meanwhile you might as well think they may not live to see the next generation Sentai because they'll all probably die of any complications related to drinking... assuming they are a group of drunkards!