Super Sentai Speculation: "Prince" Igam's Possible Backstory

Maskman was one series with surrealistic components.  Now I thought about Igam's masquerade as a woman, now I was wondering what could have happened behind the scenes of Prince Igam.  Now I want to throw in a speculation on Igam's character as a whole, not just that colorful masquerade of hers.  Now I wanted to think behind the scenes on what could have happened with Igam herself... while we know she was raised to be a man due to the absence of a male heir (which is STUPID but I guess they were all chauvinistic back then)... now what could have happened to her behind the scenes.  Why did she serve Emperor Zeba?  Now I'm just going to give my series of speculations backed up with some facts from the series to defend that speculation.

Even until now, I don't know why in the world would she be so fiercely devoted to Zeba the Usurper.  She has even mentioned that the peace-loving Igam family does not exist anymore, all the while she has become hardened towards her resolve.  Now I wonder why in the world did she even serve Zeba whose origins remain mysterious but slowly unravels that he is actually some malevolent being.  She had considered the whole affair that her twin sister Ial's falling for a human on the surface world.

Maskman episode 11 is one of the starts of knowing Igam's past.  The underground ninja Ijin (who sadly died in this episode) had revealed Igam was once a loving a kind person.  He misses that Igam.  So how did Igam become a hardened person in the first place?  The episode started to reveal that Zeba was never the rightful ruler of Tube and that he was a usurper.  Many episodes later will reveal Zeba's inhuman origins.

Episode 15 makes me feel sorry for Igam all the more.  So what was the big deal with her?  We know more about how she was raised as a "he" and perhaps, she REALLY hated the fact that she can't be herself.  Zeba may have been aware of Igam's true gender in the first place.  We learn that Zeba had the Carol Love flowers destroyed (bad for the ecology) so the Hell Flowers could prosper.  I just thought that she went against her mother's wishes for peace and everything.  Why did that happen?  She even mentioned that the peace loving family is gone and history.  So how old was she when Zeba took over Tube and became its "I'm an evil emperor and what I says goes." type of regime?  Probably just a year later or so after the incident when the late queen of Tube told her daughters of the importance of the flowers did Zeba take over.  Igam was probably around eight or nine or even younger when Zeba took over Tube, turning a once peaceful empire into a kingdom of darkness and tyranny governed by the Rule of Zeba, a government for Zeba, by Zeba of Zeba.

Now with Zeba being a sinister evil mastermind that he is, it's possible that Igam may have been lied to.  To be honest, Zeba feels like he's some kind of god towards everyone.  I mean, dare oppose him and you are going to be history.  Even if you expose the fact that he is not human, it's useless anyway because he will one way or another figure out how to get rid of you as he's obviously hatred incarnate... and episode 50 reveals that he was spawned out of hatred and his "parent" the original Lethal Dobler was born out of the Pond of Evil as revealed in episode 46 which he is hatred incarnate.  What is possible was that Igam was being indoctrinated as a child that her parents were wrong, that the Igam's mission of peace smeared their name and that she was destined to retrieve its honor... ONLY if she agrees to serve Zeba.  It's possible Igam suffered psychological damage during the process, making her an even more effective tool as Zeba wants.  Later Zeba merely laughed from the inside when he saw Igam's true gender revealed, hinting he already knew the secret of Igam.  But he chose Igam anyway in spite of her gender because she was trained to be badass like Fumin was.


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