The Livemen's Former Friends Who Joined Volt

The tagline is "Friends why did you sell your soul to the Devil?" which made me think of the roles of the three schoolmates in Liveman.  What made these guys unique was that unlike most Super Sentai villains who usually don't have a past with the Super Sentai heroes except for the cases of Yaiba of the Darkness, the Questers, Barizorg, Maria. Jannu and Bandora to name some of them I can remember.  Here are Livemen's former friends who had joined Volt:

Dr. Obler- He was a gifted child who was forced by his mom to only study all day, a decision that could have led him to unspeakable tragedy.  So he did only appear up to episode 15 but later came back for the finale.  Contractual reasons?  I thought it was nice to at least, get a brighter side of Liveman after seeing a baby dinosaur die from the effects of Gash's enlarging beam.  Later on, he finds religion and its probable he became a priest.  He even played a vital role in Mazenda's last minute redemption.

Dr. Mazenda- She has her rivalry with Megumi and a past with Yuusuke.  Yuusuke was once in love with her (which Dr. Oblar read aloud, LOL).  Now what I thought of her was her quest for her own personal glory, remove all emotions to the point she slowly made herself into a machine.  How she even found out that Grand Professor Bias was going to get their brains soon was not fully known, but being part machine it may have had an advantage.  Later she becomes fully mechanical (now that's a LOT of quack science there) and now she did it, is totally unknown.  In the end, she met her last chance for redemption and got it.  Even if the Livemen were not able to save her life but she was able to save her soul for good.

The relationship between Dr. Kemp and Yuusuke goes all the way back when they were friends since they were teenagers.  Now what makes Kemp REALLY hateful is why he betrayed his own friend for the sake of power.  I can't help but feel sorry for Yuusuke that Dr. Kemp crosses the dark side after they were friends for so long.  It just reminds me of somebody who was conned by her own childhood friend out of millions and until now, none of the money was ever paid back.  I really felt hatred for Dr. Kemp and pity for Yuusuke every time their past is brought back.  For this guy, he has done some nice things before but... pity he ended up joining Volt.  I even thought that he even conned his friends into believing Volt was after him, voluntarily gave his brain to Bias though in the end, his spirit rebelled against his former master.


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