ToQGer Awarded For Promoting Safety Rules!

Here's a plaque of appreciation for Yasuko Kobayashi's lighter series ToQGer.  Now I was thinking if I can enjoy Kiva, I can definitely enjoy ToQGer's comic moments.  Now check out this one from Hero Shock to where I got the picture. 

Meanwhile let's take a look back at the first safety Sentai, Gogo V which is a more serious season compared to the colorful season of ToQGer.   Gogo V was a rescue team while being the second Super Sentai to become sibling-based.  It was also Junki Takegami's second headwriting work and Yasuko Kobayashi was one of its major writers.  While Kobayashi was writing mostly serious stuff for Gingaman and Timeranger as head writer while she was a secondary writer for Gogo V... note that she also wrote Shinkenger which was more on the balanced side.  


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