Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi: For the Love for Getting Characters Wet!

Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue apparently have a habit of getting people wet.  Let's try and see these instances happen in Sentai, whether they were head writers or sub-writers.  Hmmm I'd suggest both Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi should take the ice bucket challenge too!

Inoue getting Sentai characters wet:

In Jetman episode 22, both Ryu and Gai Yuki fought in a swamp area (where Raita was also included).  They all got wet.

Toshiki Inoue having written the whole Ryou vs. Jin arc... had both Ryou and Jin fight near bodies of water.  They fought at the beach twice near the sea, then you have Jin meeting Ryou at the waterfall in the finale arc.

Kobayashi getting Sentai characters wet:

Ryouma fell into the ocean during the Sanbash Arc's closing.

Hikaru fell into a a special kind of water so he could prevent a bomb inside his body from exploding.

Timeranger episode 27 had Sion on focus.  In this episode, it happens when Londarz was trying to breed some red seaweed for some profit along the way.  It also involves the ocean as well.

Takeru Shiba is probably the butt monkey of Kobayashi when it comes to getting people wet.  Why is that?  When Takeru Shiba got poisoned, he fell down into a river where Juzo used its healing properties to heal the former.  Later, we see that the fight of Juzo and Shinken Red happened near the ocean.  hese are seen in Acts 23 and 26.  In Shinkenger vs. Go-onger, both Takeru Shiba and Sosuke fell into a body of water.  For a user of fire, he certainly isn't lucky to keep falling into bodies of water!

Perhaps Kobayashi's most merciful act of getting a character wet was on Hiromu.  During the fight with Spraynoid, Hiromu fell into a fountain.

Missed any?  Let me know!


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