Wishful Thinking: An In-Show Explanation Why Radiguet is A Complete Monster!

Well I'm kind of inspired to write this post because some idiot thinks that one reason why MMPR is bad because it fails to explain why Rita turned evil, Zyuranger explained why Bandora turned evil. But what that ignored is that not all villains have given backstories to explain their actions or motives. On the other hand, I thought Radiguet was a villain who deserved to have a backstory dedicated to him. Moving on... what's the big deal? Radiguet felt like his cruelty needed some well-deserved explanation! Shadam, well we understand of the Gorma's You energy may explain why Shadam is evil. For Radiguet, IMO he remains a big mystery to why he's that kind of evil monster who double-crosses everyone, power hungry, merciless and throws away his humanity every chance he's got! And I thought he's one character that deserved to have an awesome backstory since he's one freaking awesome villain S.O.B. who you'd love to hate!

Now let's take a look at one person who was most likely his inspiration from the Gatchaman series. Count Erun Egobossler who was also a backstabbing traitor in Gatchaman Fighter who wanted to rule the world, punish humanity and rule over them in cruelty... much like Radiguet and Vyram. Like Radiguet, he's a merciless bastard but the show explained WHY he was a bastard which Jetman didn't explain but the show still was very popular anyway. Jetman as I see it is completely silent to why Radiguet turned out the way he did. In Gatchaman Fighter, we learned that Count Egobossler was the result of the affair of a noble and a servant. This one didn't go unrevealed until his mother died from constant abuse at the hands of his father. His mother's dying words revealed he was the son of the Count, and he was out there for revenge. Now that doesn't justify the evil he did doesn't it? But at least, it explains why Erun is one crazy individual while Radiguet may be a bad combination of mental decay accompanied by sadistic, genocidal tendencies (and maybe high on crack) makes him one person I'd hate to meet in person!

Personally I even thought that the bitchy Juuza in spite of her two episode appearance, Radiguet's past could have been revealed to either the audience, the characters or both. It's typical for Radiguet a man who wants to rule everything to hate having an empress above him. All Radiguet did was say she was the ruler of Vyram. Now I kind of thought, yes Radiguet is an ungrateful S.O.B. and all. So let's just say what if Radiguet was born out of wedlock, Let's just think what if Juuza might have not treated him so well after all. So what if his dad bullied him and his mom, what if he had a half-brother he hated so much that he killed them? What if he was just a nobody who one day becomes the most vile piece of scum Super Sentai will ever have conceived?! And I just had a few thoughts on Radiguet's moment when he turned into a human. So I think here's what I wanted to see of him.

Now let's think what if Radiguet during his amnesia thanks to Juuza was capable of loving because of the love he had for his mother, which he may soon recall. Now for the Gatchaman counterpart that was Erun, he was pretty close to his mom and he loathed the man who was his father. At that time, he was unaware that his father was a Vyram noble who mistreated him so badly. Then insert the part where Radiguet sees his mother die, he starts to lose his humanity then he starts to dye his skin blue, he wears his trademark outfit and ruthlessly kills his own father with the Bloodygade Sword and even if he had the ability to love, he discards it eventually maybe even to the point to spit at his mother's grave. Then maybe, he also kills any existent half-brother in COLD BLOOD which may impress Juuza. Maybe he might mention "a mother's love" to the girl he killed while he was under amnesia. Then memories of his past enter more as Jetman progresses as it should. Then Radiguet decides that love is useless... and that only the strong survive after he kills his own father and later... narrates that story to Empress Juuza before killing her in cold blood.

Then maybe we can have more of Radiguet's story kick in during the time Tran becomes Emperor Tranza and gets even with everyone for the pain they caused him while he was a child. I thought what if Radiguet can have the backstory saying, "That Tranza REMINDS me of my bastard father!" to motivate him further into hating Tranza. So maybe the way Tranza bullies him may remind him he was bullied because he was the bastard son of a noble and a maid. Then maybe, Tranza can mention, "Do you know how it is that I rule over you?" The Radiguet replies, "Tranza you bastard, you remind me so much of the father I hate! Don't think I'm done yet! Someday I will dethrone you and you will fear the hatred and anger I have deposited for thousands of years you brat!"

Maybe more of the backstory can soon kick in AFTER Tranza is defeated by the Jetmen because Radiguet planned his downfall. I just thought that Radiguet torturing Tranza proves he's the sickest Vyram ever. Then he says, "Well Tran you were always that naughty kid that teased me about my spurious lineage! But now, I rule over you! Declare my name!!!" Tranza may say, "Radiguet.... you bastard!" Radiguet may say, "Haven't changed, now DECLARE MY NAME YOU BRAT!" The Tranza out of fear and pain says, "Emperor Radiguet!!!!" or in Japanese that's "Radiguet-Kotei!" Radiguet says, "Well Tranza, you should have known better than to heckle me you brat! Now one of spurious lineage defeats royalty! Now live with those pathetic humans knowing that an illegitimate child like me has usurped you! Hahahahahaha!!!!"

Then one plot that may want to have Radiguet get another backstory kicked in... why did he even obsess with Maria in the first place to the point he killed if he can't have her? Why did he fall for her and develop a fixation with her? Or as Fantasy Leader thinks, he might have just viewed her as a weapon, as a precious warrior that should be his and that were wasn't any romantic feeling towards her. Just made me think, a backstory again could have been inserted to why he even kept Maria in the first place?! Now only if Jetman told us why Radiguet even kept a human as a Vyran in the first place?! Oh well, what has been has been done. At least, he was still one awesome villain that made Jetman a very interesting series and his death was a very satisfying thing at the end of the series! XD


  1. Radiguet's back story no doubt not iincluded but one thing for sure we get a few scene of him that He Is Not Human!!!

    Just like Juuza, as beautiful the actress who played her. Her true form is a mantis. Radiguet's true form is a bat like creature with huge ears.

    There are several scenes that illustrate the Radiguet's only logical views are he hates Humans!!! Perhaps it is punishment by both Juuza and Tranza to turn him into human so he can really suffer.

    As we already know how he view the life forms that he wants to enslave but if not decimate, is their reasons why he would abduct Mari??? He'd also lusted after her and his last human love interest he vaporized with extreme prejudice!!!!

    We can get the subtle message that Radiguet does not need a back story because he is a monster with a horrifying origin that we cannot handle.

    Now another question, what or who is Tran???

    1. Well I thought Radiguet still needed a backstory. Some of the worst villains can have tragic pasts too.

    2. Some of the worst villains can have tragic pasts too.

      - Legato Bluesummers
      - Red Skull
      - Gremlin (KR Wizard)
      - Big Boss
      - Kotomine Kirei

    3. Honest opinion: Count Radiguet is what Lord Zedd should have been to begin with.


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