Wishful Thinking: More Backstory for Shadam

After writing about the vile Radiguet, another vile piece of scum I believe needed a little more explanation is Shadam.  Yes him, who can't forget this complete monster whose vileness caused him to be estranged from his wife and two sons?  The fact he takes pride he doesn't care for his twin sons Kou and Akomaru makes his death all the more satisfying.  Yet I also thought he's another villain that deserves to be given a clearer backstory especially with the issue of clay Gorma.  So it made me think he has a grand conspiracy yet he was made of clay in the end.  Now I really think another backstory could explain why the clay Gorma happened as Dairanger as awesome as the series is, left a hanging mystery and a rather confusing ending to the Gorma.

I thought only if we would know why in the world did Shadam marry his wife in the first place?  He's Gorma, she's Daos.  And it made me think that an explanation of his past may try to explain why he's such a despicable SOB towards his own family.  Maybe at one point, he discovered he coudl love (like Radiguet did in Jetman) but viewed love as a weakness.  His son Akomaru did mention to him that hatred powers up the You energy in the Gorma.  So maybe, he would view his entire marriage to his wife as a huge mistake.  He would even view his children who are half of that heritage (then again any Gorma woman isn't going to be lucky either if your husband was a Radiguet 2.0)... as abominations.  Well at least we know why Tenpou adopted Akomaru.  For Shadam, it's only logical to view that his belief in negative emotions power him up may explain why he's such a bastard.

Now I was thinking only if the clay Gorma had some insert of Shadam's backstory.  Now during the time that Zaidos finally crumbled, Gara was sore afraid.  Shadam refused to comment... hinting Shadam created the clay copies.  Now I even thought Shadam's replica of Gorma XV even had memories.  Maybe we can all at least explain that he had the ability to contain the soul of a person into a clay body, use them until they were of no use to him.  Now only if they explained a bit more of Shadam's relationship to Gorma XV.  All we know is that he already planned to get rid of her just as Radiguet planned to get rid of Juuza even before the series started.

My own wishful thinking to Gorma XV's death is at least Shadam explains why he's clay.  Maybe he can say, "Well your highness, I did revive you out of clay, transferred your soul into it but you were so stupid not to realize you were no longer inhabiting your own body.  I did so out of my bid to control you as a puppet and my bid to become Gorma XVI!  Now this time, you are dead for good!"  Which these words may soon sound ironic towards his death.

For the plot concerning the clay Gara, I wish they just inserted a little more of an explanation how a clay copy could contain the memories of the real Gara.  My wishful thinking is that Shadam wanted to recreate Gara the way he wanted, took the part of Gara that hated Kujaku and thus ended up creating an evil version of Gara out of those negative emotions that the real Gara had.  Then later, the real Gara felt herself not whole as portions of her were living out there, destroying life appears to destroy the embodiment of her hatred.  Or at least, show Shadam and the real Gara meeting each other, promising her revenge but as she dies, he embodies all her hatred into a clay copy which inadvertently results to Gara's soul being split into two and that to be whole again, the fake must be destroyed.  To be honest, I think this line could have been better if the real Gara mentioned to the clay copy, "You are an abomination born out of my hatred 6,000 years ago."

As for Shadam's final death. I thought it could be something that after he was knifed by Ryou, when he spits mud, he might say, "Crud, all the power went into my head and... I forgot I was only using a clay body to cheat death!" before he finally dies.