Yasuko Kobayashi's Different Shades of Pink Rangers!

Yasuko Kobayashi was the head writer for Gingaman, Timeranger and Shinkenger and recently, ToQGer (which looks like a series that she's trying to regain her success like Inoue did with Kiva).  Whether or not executives had made her write them in a certain way... is unknown.  Now let's take a look at her different shades of pink:

Saya/Ginga Pink- Now I've only seen 35 subbed episodes of Gingaman to know her well.  But as far as observation goes, Saya is a strong but shy girl.  The Gingamen were badass in their own way, Saya was no exception to that rule.  So she tried to hold back her tears many times, trying to toughen up (but I'd dare believe she cries off-screen, some people prefer to cry alone as not to get bothered by others) but remains sweet and feminine, while being able to kick ass making her very balanced.  Now feel free to correct me about her... since I've only seen 35 episodes to make a concrete judgment.

Yuuri/Time Pink- Now this is ONE tough chick of a pink ranger.  First, she is the first pink team leader (for the reason that Tatsuya has NO formal police training plus she's the smartest person in the group).  I was thinking she's probably a Mary Sue- she's pretty, sexy, smart... I mean everything I want in a girl.  But she's got one huge flaw... she's a vengeance-crazed chick who wants to avenge her family by arresting Don Dolnero carried with her cold attitude and nasty temper.  What I pretty disliked about her is how this desire for revenge puts her teammates in danger.  When Dolnero dies, she goes into deep tears breaking her tough girl image for the moment.  She also breaks into tears when she and Tatsuya are separated by time itself in the finale.  So far, she's my top one.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink- Now where do I begin?  Provided she is the first pink ranger Kobayashi wrote that I am most familiar with since Shinkenger is the first Sentai series I saw from start to end if we're talking about Yasuko Kobayashi's headwriting.  Like Saya, she is warrior in training as well as a "team heart".  Like Yuuri, she is also a bad cook.  Now for other parts of her... she is very feminine, loves children, tends to get blunt (ex. telling you how annoying you are in your face) and well, she's the team mom.  I did also remember episode 34 where she got to meet her dad after a long time she was left in Japan to train with her grandmother, while her mother was severely injured which got her to really cry.  In my case, I think she's the second best here although Saya may beat her and her teammates in combat.

Kagura- Whether or not that Yasuko Kobayashi wrote her based on Miku in Megaranger (she was its sub-writer after all) is unknown.  I mean Miku is kind of a ditz and so is Kagura.  So far, her Imagination takes a wrong direction.  I'll just watch more ToQGer to observe on how she fares.

This entry is due for update and corrections!


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