Dr. Hinelar: Twisted Genius, Madness Incarnate!

Dr. Hinelar as Megaranger would have it, was indeed a twisted genius.  He was a scientist driven by mad ambition, trying to reach the level of godlike powers and for everything he was, his own personal glory.  What was tragic to know is that he was once a friend of Dr. Kubota... the two were like brothers but personal ambition had ruined their friendship.  While Dr. Kubota was more conservative, for the good of mankind scientist, this scientist was different.  He was focused on dangerous experiments on his quest for ultimate power.  His mind was so warped he could easily adapt to the Nejire Kingdom where Javious I its ruler offered him some assistance.  At this point, Dr. Kubota swore to stop him.  This relationship was similar to Dr. Man and his former friend Dr. Shinichiro Gou.

Dr. Hinelar had entered into the Nejire Kingdom as the second-in-command of Javious I.  During that time, he had created two robotic (and possibly mingled with biology) creations Shibolena and Yugande who he has attachments to.  He would start his own twisted biological experiments on Earth's lifeforms the same way Dr. Lee Keflen in Flashman would except he didn't create Chimera-like creatures.  Like Dr. Man he grew spiteful of his own kind, believing himself as the rightful ruler of both Nejire and Earth.  He had his own plans that would soon lead to his well-calculated plans.

He showed just how cunning and devious he was when Gurail arrived.  Gurail was a sadistic creature who served the purpose of Javious I faithfully.  He wasn't exactly happy that his plans to take over would fall apart so he had to come up with a plan.  After Gurail manipulated Yugande in order to destroy the Megarangers, Dr. Hinelar considered it the last straw.  But being a cunning annd calculating individual meant this - he wouldn't directly attack Gurail.  Instead, he created a power up pill that would turn Gurail into a feral creature under his control.  During this time, he nearly had victory against the Megarangers if it wasn't for one event... the launching of the new Mega Voyager robot but that didn't stop him. Gurail was destroyed, one obstacle down and now it was time for his newest most twisted experiments.

He soon got the DNA of Javious I but being careful in that plan.  He was careful not to confront the biological computer of sorts directly.  His latest plan created an entirely new group of trolls called the Nejirangers who made the conflict a little more interesting.  As you see, the Nejirangers were actually monsters and later, Dr. Hinelar's monsters had Javious I's DNA.  That of course, would remind Flashman fans of Dr. Lee Keflen's mixing Lar Deus' DNA into his later creations.  His latest plan was to slowly drain Javious I's energy until the latter dies.  His plans were obviously calculated from start to end, even with detours, he was able to achieve his full purpose so he could take use the rest of Nejire's resources for his own selfish ambitions.

Later we see what he was truly up to.  He soon created Hinelar City where he planned to reprogram all of humanity to do his will.  He used Javious I's "heart" to power up the city and began his own "golden age", the Rule of Hinelar which didn't last long.  With whatever dangerous operations he had, he kidnapped humans and turned them into data cards so he can reprogram them as he willed, making himself the supreme being.  At that time, the Megarangers ruined his mad ambition.  The Nejirangers returned as ghosts, they were materialized but were later converted into data cards.  With his mad ambition done for, he self-destructed his own city hoping to get rid of the Megarangers proving how mad he had become.

After discovering the identity of the Megarangers (which the Megarangers did a good job keeping their identities secret, even from the villains a la Batman style)... he carried out the worst he could think of.  He sent a Nejire Beast disguised as a human and exposed the Megarangers.  He would soon turn the world against the Megarangers, hoping to demoralize the Megarangers.  What he didn't realize was that while he fought for his own personal glory... the Megarangers didn't.  Later his own selfishness was revealed to what led to the whole mess in the first place.  His own recklessness caused the loss of his own daughter who he made Shibolena based from (replacement goldfish).  In the end, his own plans failed against him as the Gran Neziros collapsed on him, killing the madness he was for good.