Human Faced Zeba Can Still Work as a Secretly Inhuman Zeba

After Shogo B'Stard had written this article... I feel like responding to him in my own way. So here it is... how I think Zeba's human form could have still worked out. Now rewatching some Maskman episodes, Maskman episode 34, you have Gorin Dobler who was granted a human form. In episode 26, Sayla who is a monster as a human form so I don't see any reason why Zeba's human faced form could have not worked into the Lethal Dobler nightmarish plot. I mean, let's just think of other villains who are in a human guise.

For example, Radiguet in Jetman can easily blend in with humans by using his human disguise and he has his Vyram humanoid form and his form as Raguem (which could be his real form which was never explained if it was), when he is angry. Looking at how Radiguet was carried out (now Maskman came BEFORE Jetman), he had both a human form and a monster form. Later he became Radigan his strongest, most powerful form prior to his death. That kind of plot could have worked with Zeba. I guess the plan just wasn't all that ripe back in Maskman but ended up working into Jetman's Radiguet instead.

Likewise monsters of the week can have a human disguise right? So if a monster of the week can have a human facade, I don't see any reason why Zeba looking like human but secretly not being human wouldn't have worked out. Having a human face would have even hid that better than him wearing his cool face mask which makes you suspicious what kind of person he is. Then again, you may want to argue that Zeba's face mask may add to the mysteries of the show. Again this is just my opinion that human faced Zeba could have also worked out towards the Lethal Dobler plot.

I mean, just think... Zeba could have kept a human disguise while being secretly born out of the first Lethal Dobler's hatred as later revealed. Zeba having a more human face and guise could have actually built up the mysteries behind Tube a little bit better and some nightmare fuel to see him mutating from human to his monster form... (barf bags ready). I was thinking, Zeba could have had kept a human guise, then whenever his secret is closed to being revealed, he could actually retreat where nobody but the audience sees what's wrong with Zeba. Zeba can be seen slowly going from humanoid to a more demonic appearance which may even have provided more nightmare fuel.


  1. I could see them doing something like showing Lethal Dogler disguising itself as a human, but, for me, I think that would take away from a lot of the character's mystery. And it seems to me like Hirohisa Soda liked keeping the main villain mysterious; most of his main villains have a secret that's a gradually building mystery that's usually kept for the final episodes.

    1. Hi Shougo B'Stard!

      Long time no see! Well it' s nice to have you back. So yeah, I do agree with you that Soda likes keeping the main villain mysterious like:

      1.) Goggle V- Who is Taboo?
      2.) Bioman- Just who was Dr. Man?
      3.) Changeman- Just who is Bazoo?
      4.) Flashman- Just who is Dr. Lee Keflen?
      5.) Maskman- Just who is Zeba and why is he afraid of the secret of Lethal Dogler?


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