My Top Favorite Blue Rangers!

Here's a list of my favorite blue rangers.  Blue was my favorite color when I was much younger.  Now I'll share my favorite blue rangers, both male and female:

Ryuta Nanbara/Blue Three- Until now, he remains as my favorite Bioman.  I still can't forget every focus episode he has where he shows just how badass he can be.  In his first lone adventure, I really thought that he had all that badass potential to fight like crazy... especially when Doctor Man wanted to study him as an isolated example.  Later, his rivalry with the Prince was also interesting... I mean trying to get a wayward teenager (who turned out to be just a Mecha Human in disguise) to stop his reckless acts was also interesting.

Akira/Blue Mask- So maybe I didn't like him at first but looking at one thing, he might seem to be a slacker but man he is really able to kick butt.  It was interesting to know his background story with his mother and his struggle as the youngest in the group.  He does slack off which causes Takeru and Kenta to reprimand him but he does kick butt a lot!

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin- She is the first female blue ranger, proving true that she can be good in her own way.  Now I don't find her as badass as Jun Yabuki but I still cannot dismiss she is both a gentle girl and a badass warrior, half in half making her a very balance warrior.  I think she can beat Ryunosuke in archery.

Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue- In Fiveman, he became my favorite.  Not that I didn't like Gaku but I thought he was really cool.  If you want to know how I really went to love this guy, I really loved that episode he defeated the Seaweed Gin WITHOUT morphing to show a group of kids the meaning of perseverance.  Whenever I feel like a quitter and a loser, I just imagine this guy popping up and training me into shape!

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- She may be cute and bubbly but WATCH OUT when you irritate her... she is one freaking powerhouse.  Just think she has handled some Vyram monsters on her own, using her acrobatic skills AND really beating the crap out of them.  I also love the fact how she goes from money hungry teenager to dedicated warrior in one episode.  Somehow I feel like her concept was somewhat copied into Kotoha Hanaori for Shinkenger.

Ayase/Time Blue- Being a guy who is willing to fight no matter what, I admire how Ayase decides to fight even if he knows he can die anytime soon.  I mean, before the timeline changed, the Osiris Syndrome was incurable.  Plus, I thought he was really a cool guy.  I mean, he decides that before he dies, he will definitely make his death as heroic as possible.

Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue- True to his song "Blue is the Sky", he was also indeed a guy with the blues.  What I like about him is his dedication to his work, he doesn't whine about not being the leader and he is more of dedicated to his job.  Although he and Ban don't get along but somehow, he does respect Ban.  My favorite episodes were him having to eliminate one his former best friend and the other, his girlfriend's brother to which he made very difficult choices in life.

This list is due to expand soon!


  1. Ever since Gorangers and unlike the other colors Red and Blue has never been excluded. Here are my top 10 Blues...

    10. Dan of Etofu- the atypical young and impulsive blue.
    9.Youhei Hama- the traditional girl crazy blue.
    8.Ako Hayasaka- a young ditzy high schooler who gives the Jetman series some light and the team some positivity.
    7.Seizo-the under dog who always get the other end of the stick and is done via comic relief.
    6.Shouji- another impulsive if not loud mouth of the team. The punching bag of the team set aside Daigo. His high kick is the power of his animal the pegasus.
    5.Akira-another young member, a small size teenager who moves in lightning speed and has a strong aura within his power.
    4.Ryunosuke Ikenami- a aspiring Kabuki actor, babe magnet and sharp dresser. A blue that represents cool.
    3.Shun Namiki- a realistic hero who is really a anti hero and does not want anything to do as a Megaranger. He does conform as Megablue.

    2.Joe Gibken- the master of the blade and troubled hero. Perfect chemistry for drama.
    1.Megumi Misaki- the tender hearted blue warrior. When I finally viewed Liveman for my very first time I fell in love and she wasn't even a pink!!! She singed Spark!!! Into the Sea which is Blue Dolphin's theme.Then in my Freshman year in the hellhole highschool I attended. There was a girl that looked like her and I fell in love for her!!!

    Megumi Mori, thanks for the tender years in my life!


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