Sentai Badass Moments: Everything About Burai During The "Green With Evil" Arc

Move over Tommy! Here's where Burai really stands out in the six parter "Green with Evil" arc in Zyuranger. I just dubbed it as "Green with Evil" since I saw the MMPR counterpart first. Now Burai was evil for most of this arc. He was one badass evil indeed! Most pictures courtesy of Orends Range!

So what makes Burai really badass here? Episode 17 has him released quite in the closing part BUT you cannot ignore this. Just think, he becomes Dragon Ranger, he KICKS out the Zyurangers off their mecha, releases an energy ball (sadly never done again) which the Zyurangers are forced to fight him. Worse for the Zyurangers, he is fighting them at his OWN free will! I would dare say, Burai's evil laugh is MUCH BETTER than Tommy's "mwahahahahaha!".

Now I would really say episode 18 shows that Burai beats Tommy. Since when has Tommy even fought an undead knight out of suit or outclassed Goldar in a real vicious battle? Tommy's battle with Goldar after losing his powers wasn't that good compared to Burai's. In his case, Burai even when he isn't morphed was able to hold Griforther on his own. When he beats the undead knight he gets the Sword of Darkness... ahem Hellfriede Sword which is at his own free will. He's enslaved by its power while he displays his own free will of being evil!

What I admire about the arc was that... Burai really doesn't hesitate to fight. Episode 19 shows yet another reason why Burai is badass. I mean, he is really the reason why the Zyurangers are losing for majority of the "Green with Evil" arc. Plus, we'll later know he has his own agendas!

All the more, it's MUCH more believable if it was Burai and not Tommy who caused all that trouble. In episode 20, he joins the fray to prove he's one big badass. I mean, an enlarged Burai would definitely be bad news wouldn't it?

If you want badass, episode 21 has Burai really showing he doesn't intend to play along with Bandora for long. I mean, that's one daring act to dare and attack Bandora ON YOUR OWN. Well he did learn it the hard way when he is sent to Earth but ironically, without a scratch! Then he later learns of his heritage with Daizyujin! Heck, even Grirother and Lami CANNOT withstand Dragon Caesar!

Episode 22 wraps up why Burai is badass over Tommy, no questions asked. Before he fights with Geki, it was really cool to see them fight out of suit. Yup, I kind of thought that a more experienced Yuuta Mochizuki (who's in his 20s, Austin St. John was 19 back then)... and veteran actor Shiro Izumi pulled out this scene quite nicely. What was awesome about Burai was that he really fought out of suit before morphing!

Best part? Burai's voluntary redemption! I would admit that while brainwashed and crazy is a common trope for Sentai villains (Tommy's being brainwashed isn't lame either, just that the execution for me was not superb...), but I did like Burai better also for voluntary dropping the hatred. I mean, think how his repentance destroys the Hellfried Sword! Overall, very badass moments for Burai's six part introduction!


  1. I enjoy Zyuranger alot. I enjoy both Burai and Tommy.

  2. You also forget, as the power of Dragon Ranger comes full circle when Clotho bequeath him the Zyusoken. He awakens the Dragon Ceasar with a much more melodic tune then the MMPR version and he caused so much casualties and possibly death in the Tokyo Bay area.

    That first fight was just awesome as Burai took out the whole team and was it violent. He snatches a Rangersword from Dan.
    But either way he looked much better armed with the Zyusoken then the Hellfriede sword.

    Also Zyurangers had more fights edited out as Burai strucked Goshi in the Groin and Goshi socking a Golem several times and descends for more ass whooping.


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