Sentai Badass Moments: The Maskmen Drawing Out Aura Power in Times of Danger!

One of the best things about Maskman aside from a lot and I mean a LOT of out-of-suit civilian fight scenes.  If you want some really badass moments for Maskman, one of them has to be that you dare to draw out your Aura Power in TIMES OF DANGER!

The first instance of the Maskmen drawing out their Aura Power in times of danger was... in the third episode.  In the second episode, Commander Sugata reveals to them that they need to train to release the Aura Power from their body.  However Takeru is overly distracted with the thought of his beloved Mio THAT he cannot focus.  Now when Igam mercilessly attacks them and they couldn't transform for the moment (thanks to the Dark Holon), the Maskmen finally release their Aura Power at the MOST CRITICAL TIME!  You can't deny that was the first of many moments Maskman gets really awesome!

Another great moment you cannot deny is in episode six of Maskman.  It's that episode when Takeru is in doubt whether or not the God Hand exists.  Too bad the technique was not used more often... I guess the concept wasn't so well-received back then or what?!  He tries to draw out his power while in the battlefield.  This releases an unusually strong punch that punches a hole into Drill Dogler's body!

Maskman episode 22 reveals a much satisfying story than Red Puncher (it was a nice tribute though considering Hirohisa Soda wrote that episode in Ohranger) or Mougyudaioh with the Galaxy Robo.  The Maskmen do the absurd but badass when they try to lure out the Aura Power inside Galaxy Robo at the most dangerous times.  Lightning, Kimen Dogler being there, Great Five being puppeted by Tube... and yet in the midst of adversity you guess it... you get all their awesome power unleashed after all that!

Overall, these are really badass moments!


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