Sentai Comedy: The Bizarre Relationship Between Bowzock and Sweet Potato Jelly!

Carranger itself is known for its lighthearted gags.  Although my impression of it is not really a joke series, I can't deny that the humor of the show is noteworthy.  Now let's try to examine the humor behind imo yokan which is Japanese for sweet potato jelly in Carranger!

Seriously Imocho, can't you see anything wrong there?!

What makes the humor so funny?  For one, most Super Sentai villains wouldn't politely buy their own sweet potato jelly from a store.  Who can imagine any Super Sentai villain for that matter being polite if they wanted sweet potato jelly?  For example, if I were a Sentai villain, I'd probably kidnap Imocho, enslave him and a bunch of people to make me some sweet potato jelly.  But no, Grotch is sent to buy some imo yokan from Imocho who for some reason, doesn't suspect anything strange about the former.  Again, I can't help but comment how unrealistic most Sentai costumes are which makes it so easy for kids to know it's just a TV show. XD

With a thousand of sweet potato jelly sweets from a convenience store, the Bowzocks will be defeated!  Only if the Carrangers knew about that, they would have won by now!

On the other hand, it was also confirmed quite earlier by Grotch that eating regular sweet potato jelly and  not the one made by Imocho, it will cause them to shrink.  So I guess my plan to capture humans and enslave them to make imo yokan wouldn't do any good for this show.  For some reason, members of the Bowzock have some weird reaction to sweet potato jelly.


And yup, the wrong type of imo yokan defeated Emperor Exhaus in the finale!  I can't imagine what if Ragorn in Turboranger was depowered by sweet potato jelly not from Imocho!

Although I haven't seen any translations but one thing is worth my attention.  The whole imo yokan plot managed to defeat Emperor Exhaus in the finale.  So he got so powerful but his one weakness was, not your regular sweet potato jelly.  When Gynamo did a magnificent and awesome throwing of regular sweet potato jelly into Exhaus' mouth, the latter shrank allowing the Carrangers to defeat him for good.