Sentai Comedy: Face Swapping in Maskman!

Super Sentai villains are usually known for launching convoluted schemes in their quest to achieve invasion plots, destroy humanity, etc.  Which in Maskman for a more serious series, one episode was really comical for me.  It involved one really weird scheme in Super Sentai I wish was repeated in other Super Sentai seasons.

What I found funny about this is the oddity it caused... making people fight because their faces SWAPPED?!   Now I understand Tube wants to invade the surface world but swapping faces is one ridiculous plan to take over the world.  

Hmmm causing distress their plan?  It does cause some kind of hilarious stupidity even Zeba's reaction was pretty shocked at it.  I mean, the whole plan was so weird who wouldn't LMAO looking at it?  Now I know Akira was awesome in this episode, it's not a bad episode, it's just that the plan was so utterly ridiculous it really could have been used in later seasons like Magiranger, Shinkenger or ToQGer.

In my case, a plan to swap faces would actually help raise the Sanzu River up or harvest darkness for the Shadow Line.  Other than that, I can't help but laugh at how silly a scheme is!