Sentai Comedy: Mako Shiraishi's REALLY Bad Cooking!

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!!!

Now I'd also like to start a series of entries called the "Sentai Comedy" series. These are my opinions on what I personally think were moments in Sentai that made me LOL and LMAO. Now my first entry for this is one of Shinkenger's crazy moments... characters get scared but I am on LMAO mode. Prepare your stomach pills everyone! I would admit that bad cooking is one of my favorite sources of humor... and she and Yuuri, two of my favorite pinks, are bad cooks!

Ryunosuke testifies on TV... that this was the cake that got him hospitalized!!!!

The first unfortunate victim of her bad cooking was Ryunosuke. What I found funny about that episode was this. Come on, he could have just TOLD HER that the cooking was SO TERRIBLE. Takes a bite, spits it out, then consumes it and I guess that traumatized him so he's glad Mako wasn't interested in him beyond his problems. How he survived (or most characters for a fact) is really unknown. Later, most characters weren't so lucky either!

Takeru gives a verdict... the cooking is horrible!

How terrible is her bad cooking? It's no secret that in episode 13, the boys were ALL in panic. Ryunosuke calls it a walking nightmare. At the end of the episode, Takeru faints from just eating that carrot stick. Actually there were hints later that she could improve considering her rice balls were edible but some of the food was burnt. So it's not the ingredients, just that she's careless with preparation. In reality, her cooking just tastes terrible but may not be enough to cause a person to go ill... and that it's more of an inside joke!

For some reason, Kotoha thinks every flavor is delicious... INCLUDING MAKO'S BAD COOKING!

To add to the comedy, Kotoha's immunity to Mako's bad cooking is yet another funny mystery that the show has to offer (and it doesn't really need an explanation). I would assume that Mako's cooking is fatal to most people, not just men. Think... what if she served her cooking to Saki, Miu, Eri and Moune?! I guess they'll all shout in panic to the point that the Sanzu River will rise up! I just thought though, I wonder if Spike from Power Rangers Samurai have the stomach to eat Mako's bad cooking or not? =P

Looks Iike I'm going to be hospitalized now!!!!

Overall, I thought it was really a fun occasional gag that Mako serves terrible food that knocks you out... but hey, it's possible that she can eventually improve right?


  1. Imagine she works with Genta in his Sushi stand. Gents would panic even louder!
    I can guess Mako and Akane Tendon from RANMA 1/2 are a draw in bad cooks.

    1. Or Kaoru in Rurouni Kenshin. Hers is simply exaggerated for laughs.

    2. Actually, the Sanzu River would be more than capable of flooding the Earth...

      If Mako opens her own restaurant.


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