Sentai Comedy: The Rivalry of Hoji and Ban Having Its Funny Moments!

Dekaranger despite its being a cop show... is a show you can say is filled with some well-timed humor and one can see this in Ban vs. Hoji.  Now this is really a conflict of two personalities... the reckless fireball vs. the ever dedicated professional.

Now I would share my biases here... what I like about Hoji better than Sky in SPD is that, the former doesn't think he should be the red ranger nor does he whine about it.  Hoji trusts his whole group but can't stand Ban.  It's funny how Hoji can withstand Sen's eccentric nature and Umeko being childish... while it's only normal he agrees with Jasmine and Tetsu who looks up to him... but he doesn't get along with Ban.  It was later revealed that he looked up to Gyoku Rou, who was originally to be Deka Red but got too injured to serve that post.

What I like Hoji is that he is a jerk with a heart of gold.  Now he's a jerk in the sense that, he can get overly strict, too trim, follow by the book BUT you can see that he really cares about people.  He didn't even take any joy in killing his former friend or his ex-girlfriend's brother.  He cares about his friends and all... and he does care about Ban but he's afraid to show it.  Best moment?  It was when he thought Ban died, he did show that he cares about his rival but he is just too afraid to show it.  The comedy happens whenever he purposely rejects Ban as his partner, even if deep within he really acknowledges the latter.

Now Ban is what you'd call the enthusiastic, always do your homework guy BUT you cannot deny he is pretty reckless and impulsive.  First episode?  Ban shows he is badass with his guns, he really is one freaking powerhouse BUT you cannot deny he just blasted that Anaroid making everyone facepalm because... they needed to detain a suspect.  Luckily, it wasn't a living being.  Another problem worth pointing out early on is that Ban's recklessness could have killed someone innocent but for some reason, he manages to prevent bigger injuries.  Still, you can't deny he's one reckless guy to the point it can piss off a professional player like Hoji.

Now why do I like Ban?  While Ban can go crazy like... well you know he did pluck off Numa-O's feathers in search of Gyoku Rou... just so he could inspire the group but deep within all that jerky behavior he does is a nice guy.  He would NEVER skip an obstacle course and he would never leave a job undone.  During the Dekaranger SWAT training, you can see another reason to like him.  He may be a jerk but he chose not to abandon his teammates.  The comedy for Ban is whenever he overreacts to events and two, when he tries to warm up with Hoji who is in denial.