Sentai Injustice: The Way Chevalier Was Handled in Fiveman!

It's normal to have game-changing villains in Super Sentai.  Bioman had Silver who can negate Anti-Bio Particles, Changeman had that bitch Ahames to worry about, Kiros in Maskman destroyed the Shot Bomber and becomes a constant troll to the Fivemen but what about Chevalier?  Now I thought he was cool at first with his cool entrance, presenting himself as a troll but... the problem is most of his plans are just as half-brained as Garoa's which may not make him that much of a game changing villain.

I mean if you are going to introduce a game-changing villain, please make sure he is a real threat not just another takeover without much of a change.  Now I can credit the fact that he actually did kill Five Red BUT the fact he didn't discern Kasumi's fake surrender is stupid.  I mean, any competent game changer would choose not to buy that story.  It's just ridiculous and I mean, by accepting Kasumi, he left himself openly vulnerable.  In Kiros' case of supposedly controlling Haruka and Momoko in Maskman, it was natural to get fooled.  But Chevalier proved he can be very stupid at the same time.  Episodes 30 and 32 could have been better... he did introduce the Black Gorlin and a monster that can't be affected by the Five Cannon.  What was annoying is that he really just underutilized the Black Gorlin rather than aggressively use it.  He's got cool gadgets and all but why is he so half-brained?!

One of my biggest problems is when he takes over captaincy.  Plot-wise it is even stupid to have him more aggressive but half-brained.  I mean, Garoa's plans were failing because they were stupid.  When Chevalier got promoted, it's as if Garoa loses credit for the Franken Capsule.  Okay I do like the fact he is more aggressive than Garoa but his first act as captain was... TO CAN HUMANS?!  I would have probably just focused the scheme on the Fivemen than kept sending the monster Shark-Antlion Gin to can more humans.  Now provided he did capture Kasumi, Fumiya and Ken but he should have been more aggressive with Gaku in that episode.  Unfortunately that episode showed he wasn't any better than Garoa when it comes to making up plans to help Zone's invasion!  Episode 35 though was one rare moment I thought Chevalier finally got to be a real troll when he challenges Gaku to a fight.  That episode was IMO good but... the rest always makes me think he's just a big showoff most of the time in the long run!

Episode 38 is probably a huge waste of Zone's budget.  I mean how many Dolyen bills were wasted in setting up a fake school?!  If he wanted to pollute the waters, JUST SEND THE MONSTER IMMEDIATELY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!  Sheesh, and I wonder why he even replaced Garoa?  That plan was a huge waste of time and money.  I couldn't even comprehend why he did that!  I mean, it could have worked better if he held the kids hostage and put a real dilemma to the Fivemen.  Stop him and the kids die.  Now he is kind of a sadist with how he held the kid hostage but the good plan gets ruined by his lack of common sense.  Again, not really a game changing villain!

The finale did come in and for once, Garoa does something to beat out Chevalier with the Big Garoan (then again, I'll probably write why Garoa's character decay was a Sentai injustice) defeating the Super Five Robo.  Now I know the Five Robot is out of commission so he should at least create a better plan than turn the Fivemen into trophies... but at least that plan was better than most of his schemes.  He even brought Gaku to the base and temporarily merged the latter.  The plan was foiled though because some of Vulgyre's gastric acid released Gaku by accident.

Which in fact, this summarizes my problem with him.  He was cool and aggressive but he tends to be just another half-brained villain most of the time.  The way he died was cool though considering he really put Five Red in a chain deathmatch and sent the Black Gorlin to deal with the others.  Other than that, I don't think he is a terrible villain but some facts I've just mentioned makes him not so memorable.