Sentai Injustice: What I Think Went Wrong with Gokaiger 28!!!!

Now I have discussed about Gai Yuki's death, now let's talk about Gokaiger 28!  So here's my opinion on Gokaiger 28... which for me had good points but had one severe injustice IMO... Gokaiger episode 28!  Now what's the big deal?  Let's get this points done and over with and why I think it's an injustice... Toshiki Inoue style!

What's the big deal?!

Good you asked.  So Toshiki Inoue was that guy who write Chojin Sentai Jetman and Kamen Rider Agito, two series I really like.  He also wrote Kamen Rider Kiva which I also like but not as much.  But he also wrote Kamen Rider Faiz which was really a mess.  Now here's what I think is wrong with his guest writing in Gokaiger!

So what's the big deal?  Now I can accept now that Gai Yuki is dead while still believing how he died was a complete Sentai injustice!  I mean, this episode showed that Gai Yuki was a warrior worthy of the halls of Valhalla!  It was nice to have him back, verify he's dead (though the Jetman Encyclopedia did that) and let's see... it's nice to have a Jetman episode but I believe (remember this is MY CRITICISM of the issue so not everything here is factual) this episode very cruel indeed!

The episode did a tribute to Maskman and Bioman but a fairly terrible one.  I felt like they were portrayed as WEAKLINGS!!!!  Yup you have that scene where the Gokaigers become the Biomen and the Maskmen, only to be defeated by the Action Commander.  To be honest, way to screw up my childhood Toshiki Inoue, for somebody who wrote my favorite Sentai as a kid, Chojin Sentai Jetman, he practically undid himself here again!

And here's what I think is a big injustice towards Gokaiger itself... it's Gai Ikari!  So what's the big deal?!  Now a double Gai team up is not necessary but the problem is, the whole episode treats Gai Ikari like a clown and an idiot.  Come on, he can see Naoto, Burai and Mikoto but not Gai Yuki?  Toshiki Inoue do you really hate Gai Ikari????!!!!!  Do you think Gai Ikari is a disgrace to the name Gai?!

I can't say if Toshiki Inoue hates Gai Ikari or not.  But what I think is that this episode is his bad sense of humor at work.  I mean, for the entire episode, Gai Ikari is a clown and man, I felt sorry for him.  It's not even funny anymore the more I rewatch it.  Why hurt the greatest Sentai fan in the universe like that?  For the whole episode, Gai Ikari wants to see Gai Yuki... and guess what... all it creates is that Gai Ikari becomes a clown for the whole episode.  WTF?!

Seriously Inoue, seriously... why this episode had to be like this?!


  1. I see your point, but may I respectively counter point?
    I believe the reason Gai Ikari didnt see Gai Yuki was for one simple word.......CONVICTION!!! Ep. 2 was about the great Captain Marvelous, a fearless, borderline arrogant, enthusiastic, hard headed, stubborn leader who in this episode for the 1st time showed fear against an opponent. Therefore, the whole Gokaiger team(minus Gai) fell out of sorts, leading to the morale of the team being lowered and confidence shaken.
    Gai Yuki basically only showed himself to the 5 members because they needed to regain there conviction to fight and watching a man fight without really a chance of winning, gave the team exactly what they needed


    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

    2. Well I appreciate you allowing me to share it. Your blog is the only one I regularly follow, check on, and comment cause we share interest in the same sentai and though we may differ in which is our favorite, its good to speak with another fan


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