Sentai Speculation: How in the World is Kotoha Immune to Mako's Bad Cooking?!

Perhaps one of the funniest mysteries in Shinkenger for me is Kotoha's immunity to Mako's bad cooking.  The boys panic, Kotoha gets excited about Mako cooking which makes me think, "Is endurance to bad cooking part of being a Bushido girl?!"  I mean, episode 13 kind of made me think that Kotoha could endure Mako's cooking, the boys all panic in fear and she seems to be immune to it.  One may wonder how in the world is she even immune to such disgusting cooking.

Now let's take a look at facts... Kotoha has an older sister whose condition forced her to take the mantle of the 18th Shinken Yellow.  Now she's not struck with poverty or anything... she has regular clothes, she seems well-to-do and they were able to pay her tuition fees.  Now I would assume she has eaten regular food throughout her life... maybe quite plain but much better than Mako's cooking which is probably the most terrifying cooking in Sentai history!

Now let's take a good look at the kind of relationship both Mako and Kotoha share.  Kotoha is sent in her big sister's place.  I would assume her sister is almost the same age as Mako, maybe even older than Mako by a few years... it's not specified.  So Kotoha looks up to Mako as an elder sister figure but that's not really enough to explain why she can eat bad cooking and not suffer like the boys did or is it?  For one, it's really unexplained how she could even bite any of them, survive and everybody else get stomachaches?!  I would assume that it's a special ability that only a few people can learn but she's the only Shinkenger to learn it... and I think every other girl or boy without that ability, is destined to suffer the effects of Mako's cooking.  Feed Mako's cooking to the the likes of Eri and Natsuki, they will most likely cry in panic!

Now here's an interesting passage from Kotoha's theme song Bushido Girl which MIGHT explain why she could stomach such horrible cooking: (lyrics are from here)

I’d always believed that
There’s nothing that’s impossible
Even if the failure is a little bitter
I’m sure every flavor
Tastes delicious

Which I think she is used to bad taste based on the whole lyrics of the song.  I guess she's managed to train herself not to get disgusted with bitter taste.  So I guess every flavor for her tastes delicious even Mako's bad cooking!  Again, this is pure speculation.


  1. Kotoha's character song has to be one of the cutest-sounding ones. :3


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