Sentai Speculation: What Could Have Happened with Megaranger Behind the Scenes?

Megaranger is one of my current Sentai favorites after watching it from start to end.  Now what could have happened behind Megaranger behind the scenes?  It made me think of the following of what was inside head producer Shigenori Takatera's head when he produced Megaranger.

Now looking at what Taketera produced, we see he is the producer of Carranger prior to Megaranger.  Megaranger would be his second work so I would like to speculate he meddled enough to create Natsumi in Carranger close to being a season long Mika, but also split Mika's concept into two characters.  Then he meddled to get the red ranger named Kenta, to try and make some Bioman/Turboranger similarities until we finally get the amazing show that is Megaranger.

That's right, Kosouku Sentai Turboranger.  The series gets itself to probably inspire Carranger (automobile motif, heck Hirohisa Soda even wrote a few episodes of that season) and later Megaranger (returning of the teenagers with attitude concept).  Which made me think of this... Dr. Kubota IS a combination of both Dr. Dazai (Turboranger) being a scientist who trains teenagers with attitude to fight invaders and Dr. Shinichiro Gou from Bioman having been estranged from his former friend.  I guess the executives wanted another show where teenagers with attitude would be used, this time it became really popular.

Again, I believe that the head producer Shigenori Takatera felt like that he wanted to pay tribute to Hirohisa Soda during the production of Carranger and Megaranger.  So too bad really that Soda didn't guest-write for Megaranger but at least, he left foundations on how to write.  To be honest, I think Megaranger is a huge tribute to Hirohisa Soda.  Read that post to find out a little more of my speculations for the behind the scenes.

While people in Japan don't care too much about Power Rangers, but I guess MMPR's popularity in the States may have also encouraged Japan to retry the concept of teenagers with attitude in their own way.  Again, it's probably just a coincidence.