Sentai Speculation: Why is Natsuki/Bouken Yellow So Crazy?!

Another speculation I would like to create is on Natsuki.  Now as a person who still likes Boukenger to a certain extent even if they look like they are a group of drunks... now I'd like to evaluate why is Natsuki a ditz.  Was it caused by suspended animation?  Or what?  Or did something happen?

Now let's take a look at how suspended animation happens in Super Sentai and when it was used.... and we know later that Natsuki was placed in a suspended animation state that has slowed down her aging:

It should be time to go and look back at Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger in the 90s.  Now the Zyurangers were placed in suspended animation for MILLIONS of years according to the script.  However none of them appears to be like Natsuki.  Heck, not even Dan is a real disaster compared to Natsuki.

It's time to take a closer look at Natsuki vs. Zyurangers.  The Zyurangers were probably placed in suspended animation where time froze for that time... but still shouldn't they undergo some kind of rehabilitation?!  Again, remember Natsuki never had a normal childhood so that may explain why but provided they found her before Boukenger even started, let's say two-three years ago, they could have rehabilitated her but there are other stuff that could have led to her current predicament.

Provided that it was Masumi who found Natsuki, now what if Masumi is the strongest drinker in the group?  Again, there's really no concrete evidence to back up that the Boukengers are a group of drunks.  Then again, if they were drunkards, remember she wakes up totally unaware of everything and she is a child or baby in an adult's body can explain why she is crazy.  Then again, she could have been rehabilitated.  Now provided she is close friends with Masumi (not actually a couple) it is HIGHLY possible that Masumi introduced her to her first glass of liquor.  Then she loved liquor so much she drank a lot!

Another possibility is that well, one day Souta bought some really fine tasting wine before Boukenger began and the group had one of their drinking sprees (if they ever existed).  Some wines taste really good (maybe Souta has fine taste in wine) and it can be very tasty for some.  Maybe when Souta bought some fine wine for the group, Natsuki drank them all behind their backs leading to her being a klutz!  I guess one day, they found her totally drunk before Boukenger began!

What's your speculation behind her being so crazy?  Feel free to comment!


  1. What gets me with Natsuki is she has no past Sentai counter parts as all female yellows are straight serious heroines.
    However she is close to Ako and Umeko and the two are not yellow!
    Finally Natsuki is for the children as most of the character are too dark and serious.
    By the way, why are you so obsessed with alcohol and intoxication??? Where you drunk writing this article?

    1. The drunken episode in Akibaranger triggered my thoughts.


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