The Default Megaranger Team as Teenagers with Different Types of Attitude

You can have negative attitude and positive attitude.  The Megarangers happen to be a group of teenagers with different types of attitude.  At first, it does feel pretty awkward that Kenta was chosen just because he won the Megaranger game and two, the rest of the Megarangers were dragged into it by accident.  So by fate, five teenagers with attitude became the Megarangers to defend the world from the Nejire.  Which of course, it does sound quite stupid to why Dr. Kubota would entrust such powers to a group of teenagers who are doing homework, have family matters, etc.  Which the golden rule was, "NEVER TELL ANYONE YOU ARE A MEGARANGER" aside from not playing with their Digitizers as toys and to use it only for emergency.

As the show went on, they all showed different strengths and weaknesses.  The Megarangers were a pretty interesting bunch of teenagers who developed as the show went on.  Here they are:

Kenta Date was starting off as the series' slacker and he's an idiot but a likable one, fortunately.  So at first, he's always up to with not studying, spending too much time at the arcade and eating yakiniku.  All this was going on but his time as Mega Red helped him mature.  How is that?  He was at first really impulsive and immature to the point that even if he is the red ranger, he wasn't really the leader outside the field.  But what I liked about his character development is that he actually gets out of his stupid state by learning to be more responsible.  He even made it through high school at the end of the series!  In the VS. Series continuity (which Gokaiger takes place on), he becomes a school teacher though what happens to him within the Megaranger canon is unknown.

Koichirou Endo is the actual leader of the Megarangers (even if he's the black ranger) because of this.  He's almost a Gary Stu... good looking (in a way), he's smart, he can fight, he's athletic (as evidenced that he coaches his little brother's soccer) and he's the student council president you can't want anything more than that, can you?  He starts out to be overly serious, can't blame him and I tend to admire guys like him even if as a teenager, I was more of a troubled teenager.  As the series goes on, he starts getting relaxed from his overly serious attitude to having a moderately serious attitude.  Somehow he is oblivious to love even if Chisato has a crush on him... and neither was the possible relationship explored.

Shun Namiki himself was a hesitant hero.  I mean, I would do the same thing if I were him... until I realize I'm needed.  He's Kenta's best friend and he had an attitude of devotion towards his dream as a computer graphics artist.  So in a way, he was like a Gai Yuki... tried to leave the team but saw its importance.  He and Kenta are best friends even if he has a serious attitude towards his studies and while Kouichirou is a student body president, he's the genius of the group but not the geeky type.  Unlike Billy in MMPR (a trait that was carried over to Renn and later Tokkati), he can actually fight better even if it's not his expertise.  So he's a jerk but a jerk with a heart of gold, he reveals how nice he can really be as the series progressed!

Chisato Jougasaki is probably Mika Koizumi's other half.  If Natsumi Kinohara wore red and was sort of rebellious but cares about the team, she has Mika's love for photography but is portrayed to be a very sweet girl.  For one, she seems to be eveyrbody's dream girl... she's smart, she's pretty, she can sing... you know and makes an ideal match for Koichirou who she has a crush on.  What I admire abut her is even if she's the hottest girl in school, she doesn't use her appeal for her own benefit and that her inner beauty outshines her outer beauty no matter how hot she is.  She was also close friends with Kenta (and honestly, I'm even thinking of shipping them no matter how stupid it is) and she may have positively influenced him aside from Shun and Kouichirou.  She is also close friends with Miku with who she forms a positive influence on.  Overall, she is a team heart that develops as the series progresses.

Miku Imamura is Kenta Date's female counterpart who matures like the latter does.  Chisato is her best friend.  Poor Miku she starts off as a clumsy ditz, big eater and lazy with school.  She also likes Shun but the feelings were never reciprocated nor explored upon for some reason.  I just thought that although her feelings for Shun were never explored deeply, it was still interesting to see her become positive as a character.  Like Kenta in the series, she also matures as a person.


  1. I still to watch this series. Its on my to watch list of Toku.

  2. This series was a rare return of the High school student themed Sentai series unlike Saban who over killed the theme with so many to come of his adaptation.

    Megaranger was a return to the classic Young Cool Sentai series and it was a breath of fresh air after Carranger which is a series you either like or hate.

    During the late 90s and the internet isn't the great update device gave you advance information ad it is now.
    For some of us, magazines was the ultimate tool to get update on Super Sentai. And the best answer for Megaranger design was it looked like Denziman as Megaranger was the third theme to be based on Electronics.

    Getting back to the series this is the 2nd Highschool themed Sentai team and it was a big coincident that the previous Series was a car themed Sentai which the 1st was both a car and highschool themed show called Turborangers.

    Here are a Megaranger/Turboranger comparison...

    Kenta/Riki- both the hot blooded Red that are active, never surrender slackers.

    Koichiro/ Daichi- the wise if not calculating Black of the team.

    Shun/Youhei- the cool yet babe magnet Blues and they both share a intimate hint with the Pinks.

    Chisato/Haruna- the two colors do not match but the two personality of the popular straight A student comes to mind.

    Miku/Shunsuke- another opposite two colors of Pink/Yellow and is sex as well.
    The two however share the element of comedy. Miku is a air head ditz who gets into funny situation where as Shunsuke is a class clown and up and coming comic who also make things funny as well.

    Also there leader and mentor of Prof. Kubota and Dr.Dazai are the eccentric yet wise men to go to.

    We do have teenagers in a few recent Sentai series and not all are Highschool students as some are drop outs such as Gokaisilver and possibly Shinkengreen.

    I think it is time for another Highschool Sentai series!!!


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