The Nejirangers: A Really Twisted Group of Trolls!

While I do believe it was a Sentai injustice to kill Gurail off, but you cannot deny that the Nejirangers were a really twisted group of trolls!  Now while I wanted Gurail to have interacted with them or stayed longer but, on the positive side, the Nejirangers were more dangerous than the already sadistic and cruel Gurail.  In fact, they do have a collective cruelty and they are Dr. Hinelar's much better plans than his, "Hey let's people into corals." and "Hey let's turn people into diamonds." experiments in trying to conquer the world for himself, while feigning loyalty to Javious I.

What I really love about the Nejirangers is how as their name suggest, that they are twisted.  It's all part of Dr. Hinelar's master plan to get rid of both the Megarangers and Javious I.  Though this time was destroyed, but one cannot deny that they are a real group of trolls... their only problem was they kept trolling each other until they were all destroyed.  This was Dr. Hinelar's more sinister experiments where he actually used the DNA (?!) of Javious I to create these trolls, used some kind of technology similar to the Megarangers to finally get his revenge.  It made me think these guys were even deadlier than Gurail himself which makes the latter's death not too much an injustice.

It made me think of how they actually took advantage of the misunderstanding between Mega Yellow and Mega Pink to nearly defeat the Megarangers.  One cannot deny that they were cruel bastards but the problem was, they were always trolling each other.  Nejire Pink was first to go then Nejire Blue.  Even if they lacked cooperation but these guys showed they can kick butt, even at their debut which makes it easier for me to accept Gurail being written off.  One may consider also how being clones of Javious I makes them all that crazy.  Their twisted souls were so twisted they managed to survive even after they were supposedly destroyed as ghosts.  Good thing Yuusaku managed to convert them into data cards (which got destroyed along with Hinelar City) preventing their return for good!