ToQGer: Not Exactly My Cup of Tea But Still Watchable For Me

So I'll confess my relationship with ToQGer and the past few shows, whether it's Super Sentai or Power Rangers to an extent, Kamen Rider.  So I've read from Orends Range the opinions of Saban on ToQGer... now I'll share my opinions why it's still watchable in spite of bad mecha design, I don't like the suits and BOOOOORING villains that Emperor Ed... I mean Emperor Zed (He's Emperor Zetto okay?!) is the Emperor of Lameness but it's still watchable overall even if it's not really my cup of tea, it's just like I eat certain types of food but don't really like it:

While the ToQGer cast are nowhere near memorable as Shinkenger (Kobayashi's last masterpiece which suffered some issues), we had Gobusters which was really stiff (but then again, still more watchable than Kyoryuger) followed by the obnoxious Kyoryugers (UGH).  I can count on the fact they are a breath of fresh air although they aren't anything special for me.  Sigh, too much hangover from Shinkenger perhaps?  Maybe my biases are also derived after watching 35 episodes of Gingaman subbed and some more Timeranger which are Yasuko Kobayashi's masterpieces.  Although I have a hard time accepting her writing this kind of series then again, it's not like as if Shinkenger wasn't a fun season. =P

The concept of Imagination and traveling various stations is interesting and the execution is a little better than Gobusters.  Gobusters imo had the problems Kamen Rider Faiz had in terms of being too serious then inserting a lot of forced humor and spinning around in circles.  In ToQGer, the Shadow Line trying to harvest darkness from negative feelings and attitude, it does become sort of a Public Service Announcement in a way.  In a way, ToQGer does feel consistent with its theme even if it's not exactly my cup of tea.  For one, I think I will enjoy it like I enjoyed Kamen Rider Kiva no matter how much others will have negative criticism towards it, I'm proud to say I'm a critic with a soft spot for Kamen Rider Kiva!

I hope I have made my point.  On the other hand, I would proudly say that I still like Go-onger better than this series.  On the other hand, if you haven't seen Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, I suggest you do check it out too but Gingaman and Timeranger are Yasuko Kobayashi's real magnum bullets!


  1. I agree with this show not being my cup of tea either. I tried watching the first few episodes, but I quickly got bored and just skipped to the ep. in which the sixth ranger is introduced. From there, its alot more interesting

  2. I just love pointing this fact out, Gobusters is and was AT THE TIME was the lowest series, hated by fans and it was theee weakest t.v. ratings. Kyoryugers came along and we now have something to focus on negative wise. ToQgers, it has a original concept just as Gobusters. The show is very much meant for kids and we don't know how the ratings are right now. Trains, I tgink of Kamen Rider Den-Oh. I really could not get into it until ToQue 6 and it really is not grabbing me! February of 2015 is Niningers and ohhh boyy!


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