Wishful Thinking: Gaku Washio Meets Gaku Hoshikawa!!!!

No doubt Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai is indeed a great crossover movie with nostalgic action. While I do still like the Boukenger vs. Super Sentai movie (the Boukengers at least weren't moving like drunks in that film) but the first is better, here's just my minor wishful thinking for the Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai movie.

Now for the movie, we had Red Falcon meeting Gaku Washio to train him with the sword. It was awesome no questions asked but I did want this to happen, which could have made it more fun as well.

Hehehehe, Gaku Washio's about to meet another Gaku and my choice is actually make him meet... Gaku Hoshikawa! Looking at that episode Gaku trains with his swordsmanship, he is also a teacher... what if Gaku Washio met Gaku Hoshikawa? Now don't get me wrong, I do like Yuusuke better than Gaku Hoshikawa but I wanted the movie to do the pun of Gaku meeting Gaku.

My imagined dialogue is this... Gaku Hoshikawa meets Gaku Washio. He says, "We don't have the name Gaku for nothing! Do you think your frightened sword will defeat enemies?" Then we will have a bit of flashback of Gaku Hoshikawa remembering how he defeated both Billion and Chevalier in battle. Then I could imagine Gaku Washio saying, "Gaku Hoshikawa, Five Red! But I'm yellow!" The Gaku Hoshikawa says, "Even if you are yellow, you carry on my legacy as another Gaku! Now face me!" Then at the end, Gaku Hoshikawa ways, "You are indeed worty of being the second Gaku to be a ranger!"