Confessions of a Jasmine Fanboy

I did talk about the time I took a break from Tokusatsu in general.  One of the reasons was I didn't like too much the direction Super Sentai took after Timeranger by reading about them.  But I had one silly reason to return... it was Jasmine from Dekaranger.  I was more into the character of Jasmine than her actress Ayumi Kinoshita.  She was a return point to Tokusatsu for me and I would talk more about it.

During that time, I was struggling with my urge to become a Super Sentai purist.  Power Rangers SPD didn't please me a bit.  As for Dekaranger, I began watching it raw, not caring I couldn't understand what was spoken in the videos.  Then I started getting into fansubs.  Why I watched the raw Dekaranger videos that no longer existed on Youtube back then?  It was because I found Jasmine really, really pretty.  Yes, it's a stupid reason and I felt like I wanted to confess my crush on an otherwise fictional character.

The charm of Jasmine also comes with the actress Ayumi Kinoshita's acting.  The actress knew how to play the calm, collected, witty character in Jasmine.  As for Jasmine, I felt like she had the aura of innocence while she can really fight (but not as great as the female rangers of the 80s-90s).  I also thought Jasmine's smile was also a stress reliever.  I was enamored with Jasmine's gorgeous appearance.  I wanted a girl who looks like her, not the actress herself.  The character herself for me was somehow I have the hots on... although my stance tends to shift back and forth.

I did find every right reason I can to like Jasmine.  She had a great backstory with how she coped up with her "mutant ability" as an ESPerer.  I love that episode where her past was revealed, how Doggie Kruger helped her and how she helped an ESP boy.  Those were great episodes.  But for most of Dekaranger on the first run anyway, it was just me drooling over Jasmine.  Fortunately, even if her ESP was not expanded as I hoped, her personality makes her a likable character. =P

Another was her great friendship with the otherwise ditzy Umeko.  It was also fun to see her interact with everyone or that, she was really a great character to be with.  I'm glad that there's more than just Jasmine's appearance.  The effect carried over to Magiranger vs. Dekaranger that I only watched the crossover for her.

I was also excited for her guest role in Dekaranger.  I'll confess that I didn't like the episode that much because of her lack of screen time.  On the other hand, I may have been fine without her if Ban was the sole guest star.  Or she was the guest star.  Whatever, it was pretty stupid right?

On the other hand, I still had another stance when it came to hotness.  During that time, I already dropped by Sentai purist ways.  I was more or less neutral or liking Power Rangers.  Even if I like Jasmine more, I didn't even think Jasmine exceeded Kimberly's hotness for me.  Again, that's just my opinion.  Meawhile, you can read about this pink ranger who filled my Kimberly nostalgia void.


  1. Ayumi Kinoshita's image of a Sentai hottie is no more as she is taking, married and is a mother herself. It was fun while it lasted!!! Another actress that could play Jasmine or a character close to her is AV actress Saori Hara. Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly. There are hotter Pinks and Yellows in Saban would. Cassie, Ashley ect. are hotter then Kimberly.

    1. Hmmm I still respect your opinion about Cassie and Ashley being hotter than Kim. However I find Chisato hotter than AHsley.


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