Crack Pairing Kenta Date With Chisato Jougasaki Is My Guilty Pleasure With Megaranger!

While watching Megaranger while there was zero attraction between Kenta and Chisato (they were just friends) but I thought that they can be ship-teased and it's more of Kouichirou/Chisato shiptease (but it never became a relationship either).  So much for me making a warning MUCH earlier not to attempt this.

Episode 9 felt like a bit of Kenta/Chisato tease than real pairing.  So while I can't really say, "Hey they're lovers already." but it was kind of funny. I thought the interaction between them for the episode felt like they could work out. Although Chisato is attracted to Kouichirou and not Kenta and Kenta's not attracted to her, I felt like the series was teasing everyone.

Episode 11 had a minor shiptease... nothing more. But I really wonder what was Chisato's reason for putting the box lid on Kenta's head? XD

Episode 23 is for me, another potential shiptease. While Chisato just plays the concerned friend, it's funny how she would go through all the trouble to make that stuffed doll for Kenta at the end of the episode. Then again, I think she'd make it for anyone. Still, why am I tempted to forcibly pair them?! They're just good friends and yet I wanted to ship them more after this episode.

Episode 27 for me had a potential shiptease. Again, you can always disagree with me. This was the scene where Kenta asks Chisato to press the Digitizer but they weren't able to. Hehehehe. Then again it's really just teamwork, nothing more than that. You cannot deny he'd ask any Megaranger to do the same if they still had a bit of a chance. But still, I'm tempted to make it shipping material.

Episode 28 was more Kouichiro/Chisato shiptease but I can't deny, that one scene looked like Kenta might actually fall for Chisato even if the two are just friends. I guess he was just joking and wanted to help her out.  But still, I can't help but wanted them to be on the fake date. =P Again, it's impossible that Kenta would actually have feelings for her and vice versa. But remember, they are all but a bunch of teenagers so they are still coping up with maturity and attractions. Most high school attractions and romances don't last.

Episode 33's final scene for me, just triggered my shipping of Kenta/Chisato even if earlier, it's obvious she has a crush on Kouichiro (but it was all a pretend date) and there's not much of a sign they're actually dating.  Also, I don't think Kenta would fall for Chisato due to differences... but who knows?! Again, remember that this is just a stupid shipping nothing more.

In Gingaman vs. Megaranger, it's suggested that they actually became a couple but that's just not canon to both Gingaman and Megaranger, it's more of a what-if movie so we can ignore it.


  1. Couple #110 of my 199 Couples Challenge.

    BTW, if you want to try out the "199 Couples Challenge", here are my ground rules...

    1) You must use at least one of the 199 Designated Super Sentai Heroes as mentioned in the Gokaiger series in your pairing (this includes “deceased” 199 Heroes such as Gai Yuki/Black Condor, Burai/Dragon Ranger, Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire, Mikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer, Rio, and Mele).
    2) Heterosexual couples only. (I’ve probably pissed off half of the fanbase by including this regulation.)
    3) Pairings that cross-over series (example: Shunsuke Hino/Yellow Turbo and Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow) are acceptable.
    4) No incestuous couples (examples: the Fivemen, the GoGo-V, the core Magirangers, Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red and Kaoru Shima/Shinken Red [F], Agri/Gosei Black and Moune/Gosei Yellow).
    5) Canon pairings (examples: Goro Sakurai/Spade Ace and Karen Mizuki/Heart Queen, Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk and Kaori Rokumeikan/White Swan, Tatsuya Asami/Time Red and Yuuri/Time Pink, Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue and Isshu Kasumi/Kuwaga Raiger, Senichi Enari/Deka Green and Koume Kodou/Deka Pink, Urara Ozu/Magi Blue and Hikaru/Magi Shine, Miyuki Ozu/Magi Mother and Isamu Ozu/Wolzard Fire, Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red and Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink, Rio and Mele, etc.) are also acceptable.
    6) Villains can only be used if they made a Heel Face Turn (examples: Shiima {Changeman}, Igam {Maskman}, Kirika {Turboranger}, Zonnette {Carranger}, Jannu/Mahoro {Abaranger}, Nai and Mare {Magiranger}), or are more comedic than truly evil (Kaze no Shizuka {Boukenger})
    7) Daigoro Kumano, Kensaku Shiraishi, and Mika Koizumi cannot be used because they were not in the Great Legend War and they were permanently killed off during their respective series.
    8) No OC’s.
    9) You must include at least one male and one female from each of the first thirty-five Super Sentai series.
    10) You do not necessarily have to use all 199 Sentai Heroes in your list. Let’s face it—some of them are impossible to pair off.

    You can post your choices on my 199 Couples Challenge page on my blog...

    1. You also forget that Yuuma and Saya (Change Pegasus and Mermaid) where a couple. And finally the first hint of homosexual lovers was indicated with Gosei Blue and the doomed Gosei Green!!!!

    2. I don't recall them ever being a couple, but if you want to use that for your list, that's fine with me. Also, Magis is ineligible because he died before the series began (plus, Hyde/Magis wouldn't have counted anyways since the second rule is heterosexual couples only).

  2. My couples non-canon are:

    Shiro/Red One and Jun/Yellow Four 2
    Akira/Blue Mask and Ako/Blue Swallow
    Takeru/Red Mask and Lin/Hououranger
    Kazu/Kirinranger and Remi/Five Yellow
    Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red and Mako/Shinken Pink
    Kyousuke/Red Racer and Natsumi/Yellow Racer
    Chiaki/Shinken Green and Kotoha/Shinken Yellow
    Alata/Gosei Red and Eri/Gosei Pink
    Hyde/Gosei Blue and Moune/Gosei Yellow
    Marvelous/Gokai Red and Luka/Gokai Pink
    Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver and Ahim/Gokai Pink
    Masumi/Bouken Black and Natsuki/Bouken Yellow
    Kenta/Mega Red and Chisato/Mega Yellow
    Shun/Mega Blue and Miku/Mega Yellow

    1. Nice picks, Sean. Now only 185 more to go...

    2. I'll admit though I did crack pair Gai and Ako once. Before Gai Yuki died, he got Ako preggers and they have a son named Joe Hayasaka.

  3. I've also noticed a lot of ship-teasing with regards to Mei (Ptera Ranger) who I think likes Boi (Tiger Ranger) and this can be turned into a triangle because I've noticed that Dan (Tricera Ranger) seems to like Mei. Also in Gokaiger, I wouldn't mind a ship-teasing between Luka (Gokai Yellow) and Don (Gokai Green) as it appears they care for each other.


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