How I Think of Balban's Four Generals So Far

Although the Balban's four generals appeared all at once but these guys weren't taking turns like most regular Sentai villains.  Instead, when one died, another took place.  Here's my opinion on them and now I'm updating this entry considering that I've finished the series.

Sanbash (1-13)- He's the first Balban general and somehow very insect inspired and so are most of his monsters.  He's a reckless gunslinger who recklessly fires just anywhere.  It was his mission to find anything that could revive the Daitanix.   Before he died, his death bridged towards the Lights of Ginga arc.  He died when his motorcycle exploded in mid-air after his duel with Ginga Red.

Budo (1, 13-24)- He's a samurai themed villain with samurai-themed monsters.   His team was planning to grab the Lights of Ginga.  He always used the scrolls to find to any possible object that the Lights of Ginga could be inside.  In short, his whole term as a field commander is centered on him and the Lights of Ginga.  While he was near success, Illies frames him.  Not wanting to die a dishonorable death, he chose to die in the battlefield.  He was killed by Ginga Red (in Lights of Ginga form) in a duel.  It was also during his arc that the first Bullblack appeared.

Illies (1, 23-33)- She is the niece of Pucrates, the mother of Medoumedou and the older sister of Merumeruda and Desufaisu.  Her magical Egyptian-looking tribe seeks to break the seal of Daitanix using magical spells.  She is a mistress of treachery which is first shown when she framed Budo.  Later on, she becomes a victim of her own misdeeds.  Her body was turned into a crystal, used to delay Daitanix's rotting.

Batbas (34-48)- It's no surprise he uses a robotic type of army.  He tries to find other ways to revive Daitanix like creating a pacemaker, planning a huge explosion or getting a Starbeasts' heart for Daitanix.  He also had no qualms sacrificing the last of his troops to get Daitanix revived and he had an undying loyalty to Zahab.  In the end, he got eaten by the Earthbeast.

Updated on:

August 3, 2015