My Comparison of The Shinkenger Arc in Decade Compared to The ToQGer/Gaim Movie

I would like to share my opinion on two Super Sentai series that officially had a crossover with Kamen Rider. Before, the idea was just a stage play, the concept was tested with MMPR's "Friend in Need". Only later, the idea was realized with Kamen Rider Decade. Now I'd share my thoughts on both crossovers. Remember I'm also sharing my opinions so I hope we don't start a flame war here. You can be free to disagree with me and remember, my opinion can change anytime.

The Shinkenger Arc in Kamen Rider Decade

Certain episodes of Shinkenger showed Decade had arrived into their continuity. Kamen Rider Decade featured two episodes featured in the first official TV crossover of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. What did I think of it? At first, I thought it was a slightly improved version of "A Friend in Need" from MMPR because Mako wasn't sick for the crossover. Beyond that, I started seeing something positive about the crossover after seeing ToQGer vs. Gaim.

The plot kicks off when the cast of Kamen Rider Decade arrive into the World of Shinkenger. They discover it's a much different world, it's a world without Riders. Considering Decade travels into alternate worlds, it's not hard to understand why they arrived into the World of Shinkenger. When Tsusaka and company arrive, they have found out they have arrived into a world without Riders.

What did I like about the Shinkenger Arc in Kamen Rider Decade? As much as I really don't like Decade as a Kamen Rider season, I still felt like the show had a real interaction. So we have Daiki trying to steal Genta's Ika Origami, we have the problem of the world's reaction to Decade and the team-up between the two realities. Even better, we have a real interaction between Decade and the Gedoushu which results in Chiromako stealing the Diend Card. The result was an evil Kamen Rider was born, causing an abomination to the world. The Shinkengers, Decade and A.R. Kuuga all team up to defeat the abomination before it further damages their reality.

I would admit I had a shift of opinions. But now I can say this... as much as I don't like Decade, I did like this crossover later on. This crossover for me managed to show the basics of how to do a Kamen Rider/Super Sentai crossover. Just two episodes, make sure everybody is well, get a real conflict going on and this crossover is better than the MMPR/Masked Rider crossover.

ToQGer/Gaim Crossover

Here's a bit of my opinion on both shows. Kamen Rider Gaim is a real revival under Gen Urobuchi as its writer. Meanwhile ToQGer is not exactly my cup of tea even if its head writer is Yasuko Kobayashi. The crossover is written by Nobohiro Mouri who is Kamen Rider OOO's and Kamen Rider Gaim's secondary writer. From what I think, he doesn't really stand out... even post-Shinkenger Kobayashi has done better in my own opinion. The official title is "Ressha Sentai ToQGer vs. Kamen Rider Gaim: Spring Vacation Combining Special".

Unlike Shinkenger vs. Decade (an unofficial name I dubbed the crossover myself), this is a 47:54 minute TV special. Just doing some analysis... is it really possible that the ToQGers could travel into another station to find Kamen Rider Gaim or be in Zawame City? Provided, you must realize the rule of Tokusatsu. Most of the time, every Sentai is a separate continuity. Kamen Rider is even separate from Super Sentai as evidenced by Kamen Rider Decade. Proof of separate continuity is from Ohranger vs. Kakuranger had a LOT of non-canon events. Even the Super Hero Taisen movies are not canon to both Super Sentai and Kamen Rider... just like how Super Robot Wars is not canon to the shows it involves in its what if crossover.

Now here's what I thought of this... for me, the Decade/Shinkenger crossover is better than this. I felt like this was just rushed. So they arrive in Zawame City. It does include a leak to the Showa vs. Heisei Movie but for me, this crossover was too rushed. Unlike the Decade/Shinkenger one, this one felt like the plot moved too fast. As much as I like Gaim, I felt like Gaim wasn't even used properly. They could have tried to fix the script. I would admit I even felt sleepy after watching this movie.


  1. As much smack fans talk down on Decade. The Rider/Sentai crossover was both a novelty and gimmick but it worked and enjoyable. Away from Rider, I thought the Gobuster /Gavan crossover was the much better as a story.
    But a big surprise the Shows vs. Hesei Rider had the surprise of Kyoryugers and ToQgers helping out.
    It always got me writing and imagining a Dynaman/Sharivan, Bioman/Shaider/Byclossers, Flashman/Spielban and Maskman/Rider Black crossover!!!!


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