My Favorite Super Sentai Twas the Fight Before Christmas Specials

I would write on my favorite Super Sentai Christmas Specials. Here they are in no specific order but I'll explain why I love them.

Dairanger's Christmas episodes. I love this for being realistic to remind us that special days don't exempt us from tragedies. It features Kou's Gorma heritage about to rise up, Akomaru's last minute redemption and even the death of their mother. It really challenges us to think of what really matters in life.

Megaranger's Christmas episodes. So the Megarangers want to celebrate Christmas but the villains well love ruining holidays don't they? It's not just a filler as the Christmas episodes seek to conclude the fight against the Nejirangers. I just love the action involved as well as the conflict within the Nejire. The Nejirangers discover their purpose was to serve Dr. Hinelar as disposables... which will lead to Javious' death. In the end, they were able to celebrate their holidays while Dr. Hinelar may have decided to take a holiday too... and resume back to his villainous ways after that.

Timeranger's three part Christmas episode tries to focus on family and time itself. In a way, Ryuya arrives in the year 2000 to try and "set things right" or is it? It also focuses Tatsuya's relationship with his estranged father for three episodes. On the other hand, Tatsuya must either face or fight destiny when his descendant Ryuya predicts his father could die and he has to take over the Asami Enterprises.

Go-onger's Christmas episodes. A much different interpretation of the myth of Santa Claus is presented here. A new Gaiarc minister appears and there's the plan to bomb the city. Santa Claus is caught into the fray which happens just before Christmas Eve. I love how the Go-ongers help Santa Claus in this episode, even to the point they deliver presents with him at the end of the two part special.

Shinkenger's Christmas episodes. Akumaro plans to deliver Hell on Earth with his final scheme that leads to his death. In this episode, it's not really all that focused on Christmas while Genta wants a Christmas tree. Most of the episodes are focused against Akumaro and his final defeat.

Gekiranger's Christmas special. It's just one episode but it was meaningful. A white kid hates Christmas because of his lost mother. Ouch. In this episode, Ken Hisatsu teaches the boy to get over the tragedy over last Christmas.

Gobusters' Christmas episodes. It was action filled and it tried to reconnect the past of the Gobusters. My only complaint is that it ended the Messiah virus for good allowing the annoying Enter to take up the stage as the final villain.


  1. My favorite Christmas episode is Boukenger Task 43: "A Dangerous Christmas Present" where Akashi encounters a female Santa Claus played by Rina Akiyama before she took the role of Naomi in Kamen Rider Den-O.

  2. In Super Sentai traditions, the Christmas episode didn't start till Dairangers!!! The Sentai traditions such as the final episode closing started in Liveman, Vs. Movie started with Ohranger/Kakuranger and the Red hand down with Dekaranger/Magiranger.


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