My Mixed Feelings Towards Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire in Timeranger!

I'll admit that I've watched Timeranger as of recent but sad to say, I had to read through Jillun's synopsis to find out what the raw was saying to avoid watching bad quality videos. Now why am I mixed with Time Fire? I will admit I do have a habit of getting mad with jerks in your team. People by now know I didn't like Gai Yuki at first. Naoto is definitely one character I'm pretty mixed on. No offense Time Fire fans but I'm sharing my opinion on this character and I don't really have a good reaction towards him. Remember this is mostly opinion so feel free to disagree and raise up facts why you think I'm wrong.

So why am I mixed on him? On the positive side, he's not a jerk just to be a jerk. I find him to have noble goals like his desire for justice with social classes. He got his position with the City Guardians thanks to hard work. On the other hand, what I don't like about him is that he's very standoffish, obnoxious and temperamental. Those were also some traits that made me dislike Gai Yuki for some time. I always found his interaction with the Timerangers annoying for most of its run. I'd explain some events that really ticked me off.

I'd like to share some personal reasons what made me oppose him. It's because he's the opposition of my favorite character Tatsuya Asami. On a personal level, that's what makes me dislike him or Ill admit, I even hated him at some point. Yet I couldn't hate him because he like Gai Yuki showed redeeming qualities. After he initially refused to be Time Fire for a boy who was undergoing an operation, in the end he agreed to do so. Also, even if he rivaled the Timerangers, they had an honorable rivalry.

Still, it was always his quest for power that ticks me off. When Wataru Asami got hospitalized, he seized full control of the City Guardians. But at the same time, he also had a promise to a little girl or that he has some respect for Tatsuya. Just to think of it, I really felt bad when he was shot by a Zenitto at a long distance. I thought that it might have been better if he died in a real rampage. Or at least, he could have died in battle. Fortunately before he died, he gave control of the V-Rex to Tatsuya, telling them to convert its crystal from Lambda to Zeta-3 to defeat the Neo Crisis. Even if he got me mad for a number of times, I still felt angry with Ryuya that douchebag manipulating him.

At the same time, I thought Eric Myers in Time Force was a little bit more tolerable IMO. Okay some people may not agree but Eric was a little more honorable this way. He never tried to exploit the Time Force Rangers' hideout and two, he didn't try to seize control of the Silver Guardians. For some reason, I think Judd Lynn managed to make his jerk a little bit better than Kobayashi's jerk. I guess at that point, Judd Lynn may have had complaints about Magna Defender being vengeance crazed as the first Bullblack. So probably, it resulted to Eric Myers being trimmed down. Still, I think this among a few things Timeranger was able to to do better imo.

Post-Timeranger, I always felt like Toshiki Inoue (who only wrote two episodes of Timeranger) made a Naoto tribute in the form of Hojo. Also like Naoto, this guy I'll now admit it, annoyed me in Agito and find myself siding with Hikawa. It almost felt like G3 was Timeranger and Hojo is Naoto. Sorry to say but I think I'll always poke on Hojo as well.


  1. With the 90s and the 20th century over and the last series of GoGo V did not have a 6th hero. We finally get one back in the Millennium.

    Naoto is Masato Kusaka before Kaixa was developed. Unlike Kusaka, Takizawa did became a better person until his death. His character during his tenure as Time Fire. He'd never cooperated with the Mirai Sentai team but acted on his own. He would become an ally only when the two are in a middle of a fight.

    The Time Fire motiff is unique but a easy way out design. He is very much Time Red but with black patterns, red jagged arrows. His weapon is the gun/sword combo which is a homage to Bioman, Zyurangers ect. The V-Rex should have been a triple changer that also transforms into an jet.

    Overall I liked Time Fire as he was a great Bangai Hero for the 21st century.


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