My Personal Fanboy Opinion of Rishiya Princess Mei and Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star

Mei are Lin are two of my favorite pink rangers.  So far 90s were the best era of Super Sentai for me.  Now to make a comparison of two pink rangers who had Kimberly counterparts.  Now for my humble opinions.

Rishiya Princess Mei is Sugimura's first pink.  Character-wise, I find her better written than Kimberly Hart even if I like them both as characters.  Moving on, Mei's combat techniques are usually bordered on wit over strength.  The bow and arrow fits her pretty well since she's an expert mostly at long range combat.  People know I don't take her all for stupid reasons I had with other pinks.  I've discussed about her earlier comparing her with Kimberly.  Just read the entry on her and Kimberly Hart to find my opinion about her.

For Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star, I'll compare her with Mei.  So what's the effect between her and Mei?  At first, I just didn't take her all that seriously.  Unlike Mei, I would admit that Lin is really, REALLY gorgeous but imo, Kimberly's still prettier than her and that's a stance that may not easy change overtime.  But unlike Kimberly, I have a very high regard on her and I prefer her over Mei not because she's much hotter but because I find her and Dairanger more interesting. ^_^  But I'm more compelled to compare Lin with Mei than Kimberly.

Then again, I'm on a guilt trip because I really at first, preferred her over Mei because she is for me, hotter than Mei and for a time, I wanted to regard her hotter than Kimberly.  But Dairanger was pretty interesting and badass a series so it didn't matter too much.  She appears as Master Kaku's niece, she appears to be a very interesting character.  She appears to be just that 18 year old school girl but when you get her angry, WATCH OUT.  Compared to Mei, she isn't focused on long range combat but her fists, I mean her fists can really hurt big time and she controls the wind even out of suit. =P

My thoughts on Lin over Mei are this. Lin is more than just eye candy, she is an eye bruiser and I'll always regard Mei as a an interesting cute bruiser.  Her character development is also more interesting like her relationship to Kaku, her big sister/little brother type of relationship with Kou (which she does care about him but I doubt it they ended up together) and her one-shot romance with the Media Magician (who was touched by her kindness).  I always thought that Lin's character development and writing was more interesting than Mei for me.  Fortunately I don't like Lin for her appearance but for character.  I might say she's my top favorite pink for now causing a lot of other favorite pinks to go down the ladder. =P


  1. Nice entry.

    BTW, Sean, I'm curious. How would you feel about a crossover with Mei, Lin, and Tsuruhime (or as I like to call them, "Super Sentai Princess", even though Lin is technically not a princess) facing off against the combined efforts of Lamie, Gara, and Sakura?

    1. This summer, Yuta Mochizuki made his first U.S. debut opposite Austin St.John(POWER RANGERS HEYAH!!) But this winter Reiko Chiba, Mei will make her first U.S. appearance in Lexington Kentucky?!?!?!. If I had the time would definitely go there just to see her. It had been 22 years and she hasn't age unless Amy Jo Johnson who has!

  2. Though both Zyurangers and Dairangers where too early for a Vs. movie. Both Mei and Lin are a cross sides of each other. Mei is much more reserve and caring. And if Kou(also played a young Burai) was standing next to Mei he would pick her skirt quicker and Mei would some how tolerate it. Lin is a selfish and much more aggressive girl coming from a rich family. The two are both pink and are bird theme but very much different people.

    Finally, Kimberly to me is non existing as she and her colleagues must piggy back on the shows that came and went.


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