Sentai Badass Moment: Ban's Explosive Entrance as Deka Red!

Okay most of the scenes here are not the actor but the stuntman but hey, it's still awesome right?  Let's get it moving!  This is one of the most badass red ranger entries ever!

Ban is one dedicated SPD Red Ranger.  He would never skip an obstacle course and this scene shows even at episode one, why you can't mess with Ban!

Revealig that he is Deka Red, he prepares to take on the Anaroids and the Batsuroid leading them.

He shows his bare fist combat. I would admit this scene was copied into Power Rangers SPD but it was more fit for Ban than Jack.  Ban is one badass red!

Ban shows he's never going to be easily defeated.  He draws out his guns and...

Starts showing off his magnificent gunwork!!!!

More shots of Juu Kendo shown in here... and it gets even better!

A more explosive gunwork.  He beats off the Anaroids with a lot of stunts.

The final scene?  Well it was pretty reckless of him to get rid of the Anaroid... fortunately it wasn't a sentient being.  The final scene really shows Ban is one awesome reckless badass!


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