Sentai Badass Moment: Mako's Battle in Episode 34!

While Mako isn't really all that tough, she's more of a sweet character but this was one episode where her limits are pushed.  So here's the episode's summary... Mako's dad comes to try and convince her to quit being a samurai, she has a plan to save a group of children kidnapped by Akumaro.  Although I would have preferred this kind of episode done earlier and Mako fighting against a monster-of-the-week mostly out of suit.

A kid tries to escape and Mako really puts her neck at the risk.  This is one unexpected episode considering that she's probably the weakest of the group.  Mostly what she lacked in prowess, she makes it up with wits.  Throwing a Sukima sensor into one of the children's pockets isn't something you think of doing too much.

Mako is followed by her dad.  She contacts the other Shinkengers.  She doesn't transform yet which made me think that although Rin Takanashi isn't really all that action-oriented BUT at least, she is able to do her job here.

After Mako has some heart to heart talk with her father and the children get saved, she's not a bit pleased.  She finally unleashes her sword skills.  So it's really all that good but still...

She fights through the Nanashi hordes that Akumaro sends against her.

This leads to a suitless victory against the Nanashis since she's already overly pissed.

She engages Akumaro on a sword duel but she is bested out.  Takeru hands her over the Inromaru which she goes Super Shinken Pink and finishes the battle.  

Well Akumaro really got pissed off there.  Hehehehehehe!!!!


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