Sentai Badass Moment: Rehda's Death in Turboranger

Episode 29 called "The End of Rehda" was one badass way to write off his character.  At least, he didn't die so easily just like that.  In this episode, Ragorn sends Rehda to attack the Turborangers with the Chomajin Bouma.  This battle takes place while Turbo Robo's left leg is stuck on the ground.  I just love the battle sequence here.

The battle starts between the two.  Red Turbo prepares to battle Rehda while the others are struggling against the Chomajin Bouma.

A close up of a rather awesome battle.  Rehda has a few tricks on his sleeve as he is desperate to win.

Quite a surprise, Rehda's cloak contains some kind of sub-dimension.  He uses his magical powers to conjure what could be illusions.  He even creates illusions of Zimba and Jarmin who were destroyed two episodes ago.

Something great really happens.  The Turbo Robo lands near Turbo Rugger, sending a wave of energy.  The illusions Rehda conjures are destroyed.  Red Turbo discovers the source of Rehda's magic, slashes the cape and concludes the battle against Rehda

Red Turbo delivers a fatal blow on Rehda!

Rehda shows he's not willing to give up.  Neither does Red Turbo.

Red Turbo does a GT Crash on Rehda, effectively killing the sorcerer.  Rehda dies in a violent explosion but not without cursing the Turborangers.


  1. This will be a very long subject and a damn good one too!!!
    I have said this way too many times. The Three Bohma Generals should have died close at 40 episodes.
    Red Turbo had way too many grudges with Jimba, Rehda and Yanimaru. Also one with Ragorn.

    The Red Sword duel which is started with Vul Eagle II and ended with Five Red and it would make a return with Mega Red.(Red Hawk never does a Special Slash Attack to finish his foes, Geki never did one until he has the Zyusoken combined with the Ryuken, Ryuranger did other attack finisher, and Ninja Red did them but never a one on one duel with any of the main Generals and the other two future series ect.) The GT Crash is one of the Badass moves that is filmed!


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