Sentai Badass Moment: Ryoma Recovers the Starbeast Swords in Gingaman Episode Five!

Now I'd like to share my opinion on what is one of the best moments in Super Sentai.  While watching some Gingaman, I am now about to put Ryoma/Ginga Red as my second favorite Kobayashi Red... while I still think Tatsuya is her best red ranger.  I'm looking at you Fantasy Leader. =)  

In this episode, Sanbash seeks to recreate the Dark Sword so they an free Daitanix from its seal.  Rigorou was stealing some weapons and he wanted to also keep the Starbeast Swords for himself.  In this episode, it's revealed that he stole the Kiba Blades too.

What makes this a badass moment in Super Sentai is this.  He struggles not to let the sword go.  I can understand why he feels that way.  After all, his brother supposedly died in the first episode.  I would also do the same if I were in his place.

Hmmm being caught into a monster... how crazy is that?  And he shows he's not easily taken down.  The next scene just gets even better than this one.  It's truly amazing how this episode got that amazing.

While in captivity, he sees the Balban try to remake the Dark Sword.  What's amazing is that even in chains, this guy shows some fantastic work.  He gathers enough Earth force and FREES HIMSELF.  Woah!  That's really, REALLY badass.  Fantastic job out there!

Next he LEAPS right into action and recovers the stolen Starbeast Swords.  He's badly beaten but he's still going on.  That's one fantastic stunt.  I can't help but say this is a fantastic scene where he really amazes me.

Rigorou runs after him, things look tight.  But another fantastic moment is this... Ryoma unleashes some fire after that.  Hehehehehe.  It's still fantastic to pull some fire even when you're beaten up.

Ryoma comes up with a really fantastic plan which ruins the enemy's plot of the week.  At the same time, it's fantastic to see this guy determined to get the Kiba Blades which works itself for the next two episodes.

Then he carries out his utterly ingenious plan.  It creates a really funny effect after that.  He uses FAKE swords to deceive Sanbash's crew.  The Gingamen do recover the Kiba Blades in this episode.  I still can't help but think that Ryoma's endurance here is fantastically that high.


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